110+ Saree Poses For Girls For Photoshoot (Images with Decription)

Want to take photos in a saree but are not sure how to pose? Here are 110+ saree poses for girls to master the art of saree photoshoots and channel their inner diva.

Saree Poses For Girls
Saree Poses For Girls

The saree is a symbol of elegance, grace, and our culture. A saree beautifies your look, making it a popular choice of attire during the festive seasons.

Wearing a saree calls for having a photo shoot or clicking dozens of pictures and adding glam to your Instagram feed.

But the biggest question, how do you pose?

A beautifully draped saree and not getting a single good shot will ruin your day. So, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen!

From the best angles for capturing the perfect shot to a list of dos and don’ts, here’s a complete guide to ace saree poses for girls.


How Do You Pose in a Saree Like a Pro?

photo poses for girls in saree
Photo Poses for Girls in Saree

Speak emotions with your hands

Hand gestures convey emotions gracefully in sculptures, Indian folk dances, and even saree poses. Relax your hands, try natural poses, or radiate confidence with expressive gestures.

Let your saree do the magic

You’ve worn a gorgeous saree, so why not let it speak for itself? Show off your elegantly draped pallu, your designer blouse, or your pleats. Simple standing saree poses will be the most suitable for this.

Flaunt your curves

Sarees accentuate your curves, and you could give striking poses flaunting them. Rotate your hips 45 degrees, tilt your shoulders a little, or keep your hand on the hip to show off that diva look. This will make you look curvy.

Match your vibe with the poses

Samantha saree pose for girls
Samantha Saree Pose for Girls

You want to give strong badass saree poses; look straight into the camera, keep your expressions neutral, fold your hands, and let your saree flow naturally. If you want to look shy, look away from the camera, caress your face with your hands, and give a soft smile.

Make use of your surroundings

Choose a complementary background, use sunlight, and flex your pallu on a couch. Elevate saree poses with hand gestures and accessories for an aesthetic touch.

Embrace your culture

Traditional saree poses represent ethnicity, and draping styles represent cultural identities; you can use culturally significant props or flowers.

Best Poses For a Saree Photoshoot

best poses for girls in saree
Best Photo Poses for Girls in Saree


Women often showcase their back profile in a saree pose, showcasing designer blouses’ breathtaking backs by facing the camera.

Candid shot

A smiling candid photo enhances mood, adds authenticity, and adds life to saree poses.

Side-profile shot

Side-profile pictures add charm to your social media accounts by showcasing pleats and pallu.

Close-up shot

A close-up photo of the face or saree, showcasing makeup, jewelry, and intricate details, is one of the most popular saree poses.

Upper angle shot

Capture a dramatic pose outdoors with a lower angle, including the sky for a magical touch.

Straight-on shot

Classic standing saree pose: face the camera, be expressive, and enjoy a clear view of the saree.

Dos and Don’ts For Saree Poses For Girls

Dos and Don’ts of Saree Poses for Girls
Dos and Don’ts of Saree Poses for Girls

Dos for Saree Poses for Girls

Select a suitable location:Surroundings impact saree photoshoots; choose your own home or nature-inspired shoots based on theme, mode, and aesthetics.
Try out different styles:Always be open to experimenting, be it with your saree drapes, the position of the pallu, or various saree poses.
Have fun!During your exhausting shoot, do not forget to enjoy the whole experience. Be relaxed, take breaks, and have fun.

Don’ts for Saree Poses for Girls

Do not clutter your spaceProps elevate poses, but avoid overpowering the saree; choose a complementary background and focus on you and your saree.
Dress appropriatelyAvoid ill-fitting sarees, and do your makeup and hairstyle in a way that suits your aesthetics.
Avoid extreme editingGiving a few touch-ups to your photo is fine, but editing excessively can distort the elegance of your photo. Keep it natural and authentic.

110+ Photo Poses For Girls in Saree For Photoshoot

Find the list of simple yet stylish saree poses for girls and women for photoshoot

The Classic Shy Saree Pose

saree poses for girls
The Classic Shy Saree Pose

The classic shy saree pose for girls involves lowering the head and eyes, adjusting the pallu and gently looking at the ground.

The Cold Stance Pose in Saree

Saree poses for girls
The Cold Stance Pose in Saree

Stand with a neutral expression and hold hands on your waist for a ‘don’t approach me’ pose.

The Lost in Our Own World Pose

Saree Poses for Girls

Sit on a chair, use one hand to play with your hair, stroke your neck and jaw, gaze distantly, and let the saree flow for a dreamy aura.

The Must Take Candid Pose in the Festivals

Saree Poses for Girls

How could you wear a saree during festivals and not take candid photos during aarti? Sit in a favorable position and hold something, be it a diya or a thali, to ace that mandatory traditional saree pose.

The ‘Chic Girl’ Pose

saree poses for girls

A simple pose with loose hair, shoulder and waist coverage, a bundling saree pallu, and a soft grin highlights curves and softens the look.

The ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ Pose

saree poses for girls

Tilt shoulders, look confidently at the camera, accent earrings with tucked hair, gently lower the chin, and fold arms for a flowing pallu.

The Royal Pose

saree poses for girls

 Achieve a royal Maharani saree pose by slightly inclining, lifting the head, and draping a pallu over the head and shoulders.

The Perfect Bridal Pose

saree poses for girls

Stand in a beautiful standing pose to showcase your wedding attire and your beauty. Choose a lovely background and adjust the pallu on your head while folding the other hand underneath.

The Close-up Bridal Pose

saree poses for girls

 Take a close-up photo of yourself holding a pallu, focusing on yourself and your jewelry, and staring intently into the camera

The Seductress Pose

saree poses for girls

Push your left hip forward, sway your body in a curvy saree pose, loosen your hair, open your arms, and stare intently.

The Soft Glam Pose

saree poses for girls

 Engage in eye contact, place one hand on the earring and lower the other, and capture a close-up picture of a saree pose at home easily.

The Effortless Saree Pose

saree poses for girls

To effortlessly pose in a saree, focus on the camera, pull the hair to one side, touch the hair with one hand, and lightly touch your other shoulder.

The Namaste Pose for Girls

saree poses for girls

A very popular traditional saree pose is to take a close-up shot, hand folded in namaste. It’s a great way to showcase your jewelry and stunning makeup.

The Elegant Saree Pose

saree poses for girls

Sit on a chair, tilt your head a little, and gently look at the camera. Place your hands on your lap and bring elegance to your saree poses.

The Outdoor Bridal Pose

saree poses for girls

Choose an outdoor location for bridal saree poses, focusing on vibrant colors. Hold hands over your waist, tilt your head, and smile to create an ace saree pose.

The Aesthetic Saree Poses

saree poses for girls

This is one of the best saree poses to show off your stunning pallu. Turn your body to the side and allow your pallu to flow in the wind.

Cool Saree Pose

saree poses for girls

Achieve a stylish saree pose by draped pallu, grasping the end, and gazing intently at the camera to get one of the coolest photography poses.

The Perfect Standing Saree Pose

saree poses for girls

Girls can showcase their saree look with simple saree poses, such as turning their bodies 45 degrees and folding their hands under their chests.

The Stylish Saree Pose

saree poses for girls

Saree photography poses showcase stylishness by maintaining a straight posture with one hand on the waist and the other on the earring.

The Festive Saree Pose

saree poses for girls

Create traditional saree poses while creating rangoli by filling in colors and showcasing your pallu while lowering your gaze.

Fixing your Nath Pose

In the world of candid saree poses, this pose will enhance your photographs. Adjust your nose ring shyly, looking away from the camera.

Simple and Easy Photography Saree Pose

Do a simple saree pose at home, take a picture, and smile.

Standing Bridal Pose

 Choose a contrasting setting, delicately fold your hands, and adopt a delicate saree pose for a perfect wedding photograph.

The Festive Season Saree Pose

Traditional saree poses showcase ethnic clothing, flaunt your jewelry, and take a picture with diya on rangoli.

Saree poses for girls

Craft this beautiful saree pose by making eye contact, a hand on the waist, and a subtle smile.

The Instagram-worthy Saree Pose

Achieve aesthetic saree poses on stairs, keeping one hand on the stairs and the other on your knee, and focus on the camera.

The Happy Candid Saree Pose

Pull off this candid saree position by keeping one hand on the railing, looking away from the camera, and smiling broadly.

The Graceful Saree Pose

Put one hand on your lap and the other on your shoulder. With a gentle smile, look sideways and capture the perfect saree pose.

The Sassy Saree Pose

Loosen your pallu, hold hands on your waist, play with your hair, and gaze passionately on camera for sassiness in saree poses.

The Classic Back Saree Pose

Traditional saree photography poses like this involve turning around, highlighting the hairstyle and the back of the blouse, and posing for a natural look.

The Delicate Saree Pose

Tilt your head left, bend your body slightly, hold your wrist, and make a gentle expression.

The Creative Saree Pose

Turn to reveal the side profile and twirl the pallu for artistic poses showcasing the saree’s charm.

The Confident saree pose

Maintain a tall, leaning posture, focus on the camera, and part your hair to the left.

Basic yet Stylish Saree Pose

This Saree pose enhances fashion and a curvy appearance by focusing on the waist and cocking the head forward.

The Look at My Saree Pose

Display the saree effortlessly by keeping hands on the pallu or pleats and avoiding direct camera contact.

The Effortless Beauty Saree Pose

To achieve this effortless saree pose, run your hands through your hair, raise your head, and close your eyes.

The focus on your saree pose

To evoke the feeling of a candid photo, stand upright, pose as though you are adjusting your pallu, and glance down.

Saree Poses in the Fields

Fields make absolutely stunning photo backgrounds. Look down at the ground to capture a photo that seems natural.

Cute Saree Poses

Put one arm and one knee on the raised leg. Touch your chin with the other. Look away and smile shyly.

The stylish Back pose

Keep your hands on your belly and turn your back to the camera. Show off your amazing clothing by glancing down over your shoulder.

The Model Saree Pose

Create a curvy look by lifting the opposite hip, displaying confidence, and lowering the camera angle for a taller appearance.

The Good Girl Pose

Sit down on a chair, looking away from the camera, and maintain a neutral expression. Show off your side profile and place your hands on your lap.

The Shy Happy Saree Pose

Fold your arms and twist your torso. As you grin sweetly, close your eyes to carry out this traditional saree pose.

Easy Saree Pose for Girls

Keep one hand on your waist and the other under your chin to perform this simple saree pose. Nonchalantly fixate your gaze on the camera.

Saree Poses that Radiate Confidence

Lower your camera, lift your head, and look ahead for this aesthetic saree pose. Fixing your hair while folding your other hand will keep it occupied.

The Lost in the Moment Bridal Pose

Place one hand on the lap and take a seat. With a dreamy look on your face, turn your head away from the camera while using the other hand to fiddle with your earring.

The Quirky Bridal Pose

It’s time to upgrade your photography saree poses by using a prop. Put something lovely over your one eye, like this hand mirror, and smile for the camera.

Aesthetic Saree Poses for Girls

Pick a historical backdrop like a temple, a fort, or a palace. Sit back and gaze off in the distance for the tranquil effect.

Shy, Candid Poses for Girls

Simply recline, place one hand on your lap, and touch your forehead with the other. Poses like these are highly popular. Look away while fumbling to grin.

Simple Saree Pose

Hold your hands over your stomach while cocking your head to the right. Perfect this simple saree pose by peering squarely into the camera.

The Staring Down Saree Pose

By lowering your gaze and displaying your side profile, you can create a visually appealing effect. Hold your hands on your torso while letting your hair cover part of your face.

The confident badass pose

In this posture, keep your hands out in front of you while standing straight. Face the camera with a focused gaze to nail this savage pose.

Staring at the Sky Saree Pose

With a smile on your face, tilt your body and lift your head to stare at the sky. Holding something, like this stick, will keep your hands busy. You can also rest them on your pallu.

The Gorgeous Saree Pose

Take a seat and place one hand on your lap while holding your chin with the other. With a gentle grin, pose beautifully for the camera.

The Classy Saree Pose

To look tall, drop your camera angle. Maintain eye contact with the camera while holding your hands.

The Poised Saree Pose

Simple saree poses like this capture your beauty perfectly. Just stare into the camera with a soft expression, and you’re done.

The Colorful Saree Pose

A perfect sari poses for Holi. Allow colors to pour all around you as you smile broadly in a photo.

Holding your Pallu pose

To take a picture, gather the pallu, take a seat, hold one end of your pallu, and tilt your head.

Posing with a matka

Matka makes an incredible prop. While facing away from the camera and grinning slightly, hold your matka around your waist.

The Sexy Saree Pose

In order to appear more curvaceous, arch your body and raise your right hip. As you gaze down, run your hand through your hair.

Outdoor saree poses

You’ll need an exquisite view for this, so pose for a side profile, cross your arms, and look off into the distance.

Saree poses with bikes

Sit down on the bike, turn your head away from the camera, and smile enthusiastically.

Sitting saree poses

By bending one knee and placing your hand on it, extend your legs. Look playfully into the camera while smirking.

Sunkissed saree poses

Allow the sun’s rays and the trees’ shadows to fall on your face. Raise your head and look at the sky while grinning softly.

Hand on your Waist Saree Poses for Girls

Hold your waist with one hand while grinning for the camera and pulling some of your hair to one side.

Standing Saree Poses for Girls

Hold the door frame with one hand and the end of your pallu with the other. Twist your torso and stare at the camera intently.

Elegant sitting saree poses for girls

Bend one knee, place both of your hands on your lap, and glance at the camera in front of you.

Minimalistic Saree Poses

Turn your torso slightly and face the camera. Touch your shoulder lightly and smile pleasantly.

Show off your Side Profile

Stand at a 90-degree angle and lock your focus on the camera.

The Sophisticated Saree Pose

Turn 45 degrees, fold your hand over your waist, face the camera, and smile discreetly.

Simple Traditional Saree Poses for Girls

Stand in front of the camera while pretending to tuck your hair behind your ears. Avert your gaze and smile.

Versatile saree poses for girls

Stand crookedly with your head raised and a distant expression on your face. Lightly touch your shoulder with one hand and spread your pallu with the other.

Upper close-up pose

Adjust your camera above your head and slightly lower your head. Zero in on your face and grin sweetly.

Saree Poses for Bride for Haldi

Raise your camera over your head and fold your hands in namaste. Close your eyes and smile at the camera as you strike the pose.

Candid fix your hair pose

Turn away from the camera and stroke your hair, looking upward.

Black and white saree poses

Take a simple portrait photo of yourself and edit it in black and white to make it more aesthetic.

Charming saree poses

This simple pose adds charm to your photoshoot. Simply stand up straight, arms at your sides, and look up.

Editorial Photography Saree Poses

Capture the entire scene by lowering your camera. Place one hand on the elbow of the other and cast an unfocused stare away.

Lean against a wall poses

Turn 90 degrees to face the wall, keeping one hand on the wall. Stand on your toes and let your saree flow while peering at the camera sexily.

Over-the-shoulder saree poses

Turn your back to the camera but your face towards it. This saree pose is ideal for showing off your back and side pallu.

Simple standing pose

To get the entire look, take the photo from a lower perspective. Fold your arms and wrap your body in the pallu.

The elegant black and white saree pose

The black-and-white shot shows the person’s raw aspect, and this pose makes it elegant. Pretend to tuck your shoulders behind your back and slightly raise your head with a sweet grin on your face.

The Bollywood-style pose

This pose brings drama. Lean on a tree with the support of your hand. Place one hand on your hips and the other behind your ear.

The happy bride poses

A candid bridal saree pose in which you must stand with one hand on the elbow and smile warmly while looking away from the camera.

Casual saree poses

Simply sit facing the camera, put one hand under your chin, and smile for the camera.

Cute saree poses

Hold your hands like in the picture, rotate your body, and laugh away from the camera.

Show off your body’s curves

Lean forward and thrust your hips out. Bend your shoulders and place your hand on them. Face sideways and smile to complete the look.

Cheerful saree poses

Take the railing support and place both of your hands on it. Give a heartfelt smile to the camera.

Nonchalant saree poses

Pose nonchalantly while you are doing something, as in the picture where the lady is lighting incense sticks.

Aesthetically pleasing saree poses

Choose a darker setting where the focus is on your face. Casually look outside the window. This pose is best for a saree photoshoot at home.

Bright saree poses

Sit in a grassy field, raise your knees up to your chest, and smile up at the sky.

Beautiful saree poses

Make a bashful appearance by running your fingers through your hair and casting your glance downward.

Ethereal saree poses

Take a portrait photo with your knee close to your chest. Fold your hands and place one finger on your chin.

Ecstatic saree poses

Squat on the ground and fold your arms across your lap. Turn your head and grin at the camera.

Evergreen saree pose

By standing sideways and smiling at the camera, you may pull off this evergreen saree pose.

The classic bridal saree pose

Tuck your pallu under your chin with your hand, turn your body diagonally, and stare earnestly into the camera.

The closed-eye bridal pose

Tilt your head and close your eyes, then fold your arms below your chest and place a hand under your chin.

Simple saree poses with sunglasses

Stand tall with your head turned to the side. Take this photo outdoors to show off your shades.

Cool saree poses with sunglasses

Sit inclined, staring at the camera with your glasses on. Fold your hands and exude a sense of ease.

Fun saree poses

Standing sideways, run your hand through your hair. For the perfect candid image, hold a wandering stare and smile.

The look-back saree pose

 This is one of the most popular photography saree poses. Keep your back to the camera, and then look back gracefully.

Basic saree pose ideas for girls

Stand up straight, raise your head, and look up. Fold your arms and pleasantly smile.

Aesthetic festive saree poses

Dim the lights around you and pose frankly while filling in the colors in your rangoli. A great way to show off your saree aesthetically.

Saree poses in the dark

Lean against a wall, face sideways, and drop your head into a dark room. Your Instagram profile will look more dramatic with a dark vibe.

The classic bridal saree pose

Keep your face between your hands and place your hands like a frame, as seen in the image. A fantastic pose for brides to show off their exquisite kadas and bangles.

Cool and casual saree poses

Bundle your pleats and pallu in one hand while playing with your hair with the other. Lean forward and focus on the distance.

Lively saree poses

Spread your hands and raise your head towards the sky. Give a wide smile and take this fun and entertaining shot.


Mastering the art of posing in a saree is about embracing grace and elegance to present the beauty of the saree. Now, ace your next saree photoshoot, and make sure that everybody goes gaga over all your photos! All the best 🙂

Saree Poses for Girls FAQs

How do I look more curvy in a saree for photos?

To look more curvy in a saree for photos, wear well-fitted blouses. Use wider pleats while draping the saree and try drape styles that accentuate the waist and hips. Adding a belt or waist accessory can create a defined hourglass shape. Select fabrics that drape well and have texture, like chiffon or georgette.

Where can I find inspiration for poses?

We have curated a whole guide for inspiration, but other common platforms include Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

How can we get more attractive photos especially for biodatas?

Try different poses, makeup, and hairstyles that suit yourself. Invest in professional photographers if you can.

What props can I use for photos?

Use a diya, an aarti thali, or a culturally significant object to keep your hands occupied. Flowers can also be used as a fantastic prop.

Which saree should I wear for a photoshoot?

For a photoshoot, you can perhaps wear vibrant silk sarees like Banarasi or Kanjeevaram. Floral printed sarees can work well for outdoor or nature-themed shoots. Pastel georgette sarees in shades like blush pink or mint green create an ethereal look. Consider your skin tone, body type, and the shoot’s concept. Consult with the photographer to ensure your chosen saree aligns with the overall vision of the photoshoot.

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