Top 10 Famous Cancer Hospitals In Chennai To Treat Cancer in 2024

Cancer is among the most dreadful diseases prevalent today, and we still believe that it has no cure. Many cancer hospitals have proved such people wrong by offering comprehensive treatments for different types of cancer with a proven success track record.

These tertiary cancer hospitals have brought great relief to cancer patients by offering the right treatment in the early stages of cancer. Before we check the list of top 10 cancer hospitals in Chennai, let us understand what is cancer.

What is Cancer?

Our body organs and tissues are made up of cells. These cells act as building blocks. Cancer is the disease of these cells. Cells present in our body may look or work differently, but they reproduce themselves in the same way. There is a specific cycle of cells’ life in our body in which they gradually become old and then die. In the same new cells are produced in our body.

In general, these cells divide and grow in an orderly manner. When the cells display division beyond their limit, it leads to uncontrolled growth of cells. This further leads to intrusion and destruction of adjacent tissues. This uncontrolled growth of cells is called Cancer.

In medical terms, cancer is also called a malignant neoplasm. These cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through blood or lymph, this is known as metastasis. These three malignant properties of cancer, which differentiate it from benign tumours, are, they are self-limited, they do not invade or metastasise.

When these cells grow abnormally, they start making lumps which are called tumours. Most cancers form tumour but cancers like leukaemia do not form tumours. Tumours can broadly be specified into two forms, benign tumour or malignant tumour. Malignant tumours are called cancers. Tumour is identified by doing a biopsy; in this, the infected cell is examined under a small microscope. In Benign tumors cells do not spread themselves into other parts of body.

However, if the tumour keeps on growing, it may suppress other organs surrounding to it. This can lead to problems. On the other hand malignant tumour spread themselves to other parts through blood or lymph.

If such a tumour is left untreated, it may spread and infect other organs of the body by making more tumours these new tumours are called secondary cancer or metastasis. The two ways in which these cells get transformed are the bloodstream and lymphatic system.

List of Cancer Hospitals in Chennai That Treats Cancer Effectively

1. Adyar Cancer Hospital

Set up in 1954, the Adyar cancer hospital is among the most famous cancer treatment centres providing treatment for the stomach, lymphomas, acute bone, breast, testis, cervix and liver cancer. The hospital has successfully performed a number of cancer surgeries while giving the patient a boost to their mental strength to recover from the cancer trauma.

2. MIOT Hospital

It is one of the most renowned oncology centres that provide treatment for gastrointestinal, gynaecologic, bone, neck and head, pancreas, thoracic, breast and liver cancers. Before opting for cancer surgery, this hospital provides contemporary facilities for chemotherapy and radiation to treat cancer.

3. Apollo Hospital

This is, undoubtedly, one of the best cancer treatment hospitals, which is not just present in Chennai but also in Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad. The cancer specialists here use advanced equipment for treating cancer, including Novalis Radio Surgery, Positron Emission Tomography, and CyberKnife for cancer treatment. This hospital also possesses special facilities for the treatment of paediatric cancer.

4. V.S. Hospitals and Madras Cancer Institute

It is a comprehensive cancer care centre which delivers world-class cancer treatment that is affordable to common man. The founder of this institution brings with him his four decades of cancer treatment experience. By using cutting-edge technology and medical brilliance, this institute offers an incredible set of cancer treatment services.

5. Dr Rai Memorial Medical Centre

With specialists in various departments of oncology, surgical, radiation and medical, it is certainly one of the best cancer treatment centres offering an exhaustive set of services. This cancer centre provides a complete range of medical services subsuming the latest medical breakthroughs in cancer detection, prevention, research and treatment.

6. K K R Cancer Hospital

With the motto to provide timely and best services to cancer patients delivering the best in value, this cancer centre is certainly one to look forward to. They offer a wide array of cancer treatments with dedicated services and experienced oncology specialists.

7. Fortis Malar Hospital

Fortis Malar is amongst the top cancer treatment centres offering comprehensive cancer care programs and super sub-specialists in the fields including bone marrow transplant, specialised oncosurgery, radiation oncology, haematology- paediatric & adult and medical oncology.

8. Jeevodaya Hospital

It is among one of the most reputed cancer hospitals, which is committed to serving the poor and abandoned cancer patients. It is run by a group of people hailing from various religions and, thus, represents national unity and integrity at its best.

9. Madras Cancer Care Foundation

The cardinal aim with which the Madras Cancer Care Foundation has been established is to provide comprehensive cancer care to all, irrespective of their socioeconomic conditions. The oncologists in this centre are not just experienced but also well-versed with the latest cancer treatments.

10. Vasantha Memorial Cancer Centre

Vasantha Memorial cancer centre is a daycare cancer centre which offers quality daycare treatment to cancer patients. It enables cancer patients to avail high-quality chemotherapy courses in daycare. Since its inception in 2008, it has provided nearly 100 chemotherapy courses to cancer patients.

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