Geetanjali Salon Price List Today: Updated Rate Card

Looking for a comprehensive Geetanjali salon price list? Look no further! Our article provides a detailed breakdown of all the services offered by Geetanjali salon and their corresponding prices.

geethanjali salon price list
Geethanjali Salon Price

Get the information you need to plan your next salon visit today. Find out more about the Geetanjali salon price list today and book your appointment now.

There are numerous beauty salons functional in India but there is one name which stands out from the crowd, the Geetanjali Salon.

It is a name which itself is a brand for all kinds of beauty care and treatment and in this article, we are going to discuss in detail about Geetanjali Salon Price List, so that you can compare it with other options and take the best decision for yourself.

Remember, your body is not just a body, but a baby, as it needs care like a baby, and under no condition you should risk it with the skills of some rookies.

You must look for those who are expert in their work and knows what exactly they are doing.

Sweta, Kajal and Geetanjali Salon

Sweta: Hi Kajal, how far you have completed your wedding preparations?

Kajal: Almost done dear! Hi, have purchased the best outfit for my wedding with matching bangles, necklaces and earrings.

Sweta: Then why are you looking so tensed, worried and confused?

Kajal: It’s a serious matter Yaar! Though I am fully prepared, purchased everything required, but I am very confused about the wedding makeup.

Sweta: Why are you so confused, just book someone, there are so many options available in the market.

Kajal: That’s the exact reason for my confusion. You see there are so many options and I don’t know how skilled they are. If randomly I book someone and the make-up doesn’t go well, then the millions of rupees that me and my parents are spending on the marriage will go in vain.

Sweta: True Yaar! It’s a big confusion, even though I don’t know what I will do when it will be my time to prepare for the wedding.

This is a big question which most brides can’t answer, but now you have someone to trust blindfolded. With the trust carried since 1989, Geetanjali Salon has multiple outlets across most of the top-notch cities in India.

In this article, we are going to cover detail about Geetanjali Salon Price List, which is like an encyclopaedia for those who are looking for remedies concerned to self-care and nourishment. 

Geetanjali Salon History

In a country like India where most people are having a middle-class mentality, it’s a mountainous task for a beauty salon link Geetanjali to create a brand name for itself.

Started in 1989, it’s a story of dedication, effort, hard work, elegance, perseverance, resilience, commitment, passion, excellence, determination and success for more than 3 decades.

It’s a dream project for Hair Stylist Celebrity, Managing Director, Geetanjali Salon, Mr Sumit Israni, which he has nourished with his hard work and determination to make it a success.

In this journey of 3 decades, Geetanjali Salon always stood as a table topper, making a brand which is a pioneer among its competitors.

Now this franchise has more than 100 outlets Pan-India offering the royal experience to the customers offering services related to Hair, Skin, Make-up, Manicure & Pedicure, waxing, and many more premium services.

Mr Sumit Israni

The man behind the success of Geetanjali Salon, Mr Sumit Israni is a world-known hair stylist who feels that hair styling is an art and needs a lot of creativity and colour science to be successful.

Started the art of Hairdressing at the age of 16, he is a Brand Ambassador of the famous beauty product brand L’Oreal Professionnel India and the icon and inspiration for many youths who are aspiring to nourish a similar career.

There is a never-ending list of celebrities who are clients of Mr. Sumit Israni among whom Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Lisa Haydon, Twinkle Khanna, Deepika Padukone, Huma Qureshi, Vaani Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor are just a few names.

Seeing the popularity of this salon, people are crazy to know more about this and the most important information which we all are eagerly waiting for is Geetanjali Salon Price List.

Don’t worry as we have covered everything for our readers in this article and we will discuss Geetanjali Salon Price List in detail which you have never accessed before.

Why Choose Geetanjali Salon

When we are choosing to go for a brand to take care of all our needs related to personal beauty and care, the decision is not easy as the market is full of competitors.

There are brands like Lakme Salon, Jawed Habib, Naturals Salon, Tony & Guy etc which will mess up your mind.

That’s why we are discussing the Geetanjali Salon Price List here, to make it crystal clear to you, that why you should choose Geetanjali as your go-to brand.

The entire analysis is based on five different categories which will help to take up your decision with ease.

1. Expertise in Hair Care

Geetanjali Salon has earned its reputation with splendid art and full devotion to show what they have got. Only in the hair segment, they have a wide range of services to offer like hair treatment, styling, colouring, cutting, curling and straightening and many more.

The stylist working in Geetanjali Salon are well-trained personnel who get a chance to show their skills only after deep scrutiny.

2. Personalized Services

With Geetanjali Salon, you can go for personalized care and consultancy regarding what suits the best to your hair and skin. The artists working here will give their time and consent and will facilitate you with proper advice on what will suit the best to your hair and skin.

3. Wide range of Services

This point need not be explained because once the Geetanjali Salon Price List will disclose you will be amazed to see the range of services they are offering and many of them are so premium that most of the salons can’t afford to add them to the list of services.

4. High-quality Products

Your body is the most precious thing you are possessing and under no circumstance you should experiment with it.

One thing is for sure with Geetanjali Salon, they will only use branded and costly chemicals on your hair and skin which are tried and tested for years and have no side effects.

5. Competitive prices

Considering the premium services provided by Geetanjali Salon, the expertise of their artists and the quality of products they are using, if your scrutiny the Geetanjali Salon Price List, you will find that the rates are very competitive in the market.

6. Large number of Outlets

Doesn’t matter where you are in India you will feel connected to the brand as they have more than 100 Pan-India outlets to make you feel the most premium customer service.

7. 3-Decades of Experience

Working since 1989, the team of Geetanjali Salon knows what goes best for your needs. They know your needs better than you do, as they are specialist who has served many elite people of the nation.

Geetanjali Salon Reviews

Here are some important reviews to share which will help you to make your decision quick and brisk.

S NoReview PlatformsRatings

I want to give a disclaimer that Geetanjali Salon has more than 100 outlets in Pan India and reviews differ from outlet to outlet, so ratings may vary depending on your search.

Business Support For Geetanjali Salon

Many entrepreneurs want to start a franchise of Geetanjali but it’s not an easy task to qualify for all the criteria. Here are some benefits you will gain if you want to start a franchise of Geetanjali Salon.

  • Compared to the returns you will gain the investments are marginal.
  • The beauty industry is an ever-growing industry whose impact will not diminish with time.
  • The system of distribution of franchises is transparent and follows all ethical business practices.
  • The company will support launch offers like pre-launch, launch and post-launch offers.
  • Regular business support which included Talent acquisition, Training for new joining, Promotional strategies, technical support, Marketing and advertisement, and most importantly customer care support.
  • Updated Geetanjali Salon Price List for a better consumer experience.

Geetanjali Salon Price List 2023:

Geetanjali Salon Haircut Price List Today

Haircutting is an art which makes a huge difference in how you look and incorporates confidence in you. Hair cutting will help you to keep your hair healthy and get rid of split hairs because of which your hair suffers from frizz, tangles, and breakage.

It also boosts blood circulation on the scalp, improving hair follicle health and controlling hair problems such as dandruff, lice, scalp infection and many more apart from giving you a new look and enhanced personality.

Hair Cut MenuDurationPriceWhy Choose This?
Haircut by Sumit Israni (Men & Women)60 min₹7080If you want the iconic hair stylist to take care of your hair, he is available to get an appointment.  
Haircut with Wash30 min₹885It is important to wash before you get a haircut to get rid of all dirt and stickiness from your hair.
Girls Kid Hair Cut (Below 5 Years)30 min₹472At Geetanjali Salon, special care is taken for those whom we care about the most.
Haircut without Wash30 min₹708If you are in a hurry and unable to spare time for a wash, the team has got you covered.
Fringe Hair Cut15 min₹236A section of your hair is cut to hang over the forehead which may vary in length, thickness and shape.
Split Ends Removal30 min₹590Split ends occur if the protective layer of your hair gets damaged and the tip of your hair breaks and your hair looks dull, dry and frizzy.  

Geetanjali Salon Hair SPA Price Today

Hair SPA is an important treatment for your hair as it repairs the damage your hair has taken owing to heat, styling, chemical treatment, pollution and many other such factors. It also helps in conditioning the hair and scalp, rejuvenates dry, brittle, rough and thin hair by restoring its natural shine and elasticity and additionally it helps in improving the hair and scalp health by balancing the pH level and regulating Sebum production.

Keratin Treatment on the other hand enhances and restores the micro-relief of the skin by improving the skin texture and appearance and works as an excellent hair conditioner and protectant. It smooths down hair cuticles and adds shine as this technology is utilized in treatments for nutrition and restructuring of damaged hairs by replenishing its Keratin content.

Hair SPA MenuDurationPriceWhy Choose This?
Loreal Power Mix Hair SPA30 min₹944Offer #instanthairfix for various problems faced by your hair which included nourishing, smoothing, repairing, etc.
Loreal Mythic Hair SPA45 min₹1416A hair-care range offered by L’Oreal Professionnel which includes shampoo, conditioner, cream bath, serum, etc
Keratin Treatment Price*₹5000 – ₹6000A chemical procedure which keeps your hair smoother, shinier and straighter and the effect lasts for at least 6 months. 

Geetanjali Salon Hair Color Price Today

The easiest way to look younger and more vibrant, hair colouring helps in concealing dandruff, scalp wrinkles, greying hairs and faded highlights and additionally adds shine and depth to the hair texture.

It is a less expensive way to change your appearance by choosing a colour that suits your personality, mood and style, and gives a quick and easy update to your looks. Hair colouring also helps you protect yourself from environmental factors such as exposure and pollution as it creates a protective layer around the hair.

Hair Color MenuDurationPriceWhy Choose This?
Inoa Root Refresh45 min₹1416An oil delivery system providing intense hydration and optimization of hair scalp.
Majirel Root Refresh45 min₹1180A process which uses a creamy non-dripping texture which is highly concentrated with a caring agent, because of which your hair remains 45% more conditioned after colour.
Bleach & Color Removal45 min₹1770If you want to lighten your hair, correct a bad dye, or want to transfer to a new different hair colour.
Gloss Hair Color60 min₹2950Give a shine to your hair, which speaks for itself.
Inoa Global Tint90 min₹5900The service is available to you at a surprising price, offering the best deal.

Geetanjali Salon Facial Price List Today

Facial is a way to reduce stress and relieve psychological distress as it acts on your sympathetic nervous system and also uplifts your mood. Facial cleanses your skin by opening up the pores, removing dirt, oil and impurities, preventing ageing by stimulating the cell regeneration process and boosting the collagen production in your skin.

It also helps in improving the blood circulation under the skin, flow of oxygen and nutrients in blood vessels under the skin, detoxifies your skin by eliminating toxins and excess fluid from your lymphatic system and at the same time helpful in treating acne and acne marks by removing the dead skin cells.

Facial is also an aid for making the skin smoother, and brighter in complexion and hydrates it as it tightens your skin by toning and firming the facial muscles and minimising the effect of the wrinkles on your skin.

Facial MenuDurationPriceWhy Choose This?
Geetanjali Facial60 min₹1770A special Addition from the team of Geetanjali, which is the highlight of the Geetanjali Salon Price List.
Age Lock Shine & Glow Facial60 min₹2950One of the three age lock facial services by team Geetanjali, makes you look younger than your age, add glow to your skin.
Age Lock Ocean Facial60 min₹2950The second option among the age lock facial services, will take you back in time and add glamour to your skin.
Age Lock Vitamin C Facial60 min₹3304The third and the costliest option among the three, this service will add the goodness of vitamin C, rejuvenating your skin.
Emminence Skin Lightening Facial60 min₹4130Here we use products specially offered by Emminence, which will make your skin feel lighter.
Emminence Anti-Ageing Facial60 min₹4720This facial from Emminence will help you to get rid of the ageing signs and people will love to praise you for your nourished skin.
Skeyndor Immune Skin Facial60 min₹4720Skeyndor is a brand known for its high-quality professional cosmetic products and this facial will give a new life to your skin.
Skeyndor White Shine Facial60 min₹4720Another facial coming from the brands of Skeyndor will make your face look whiter and glow.

Geetanjali Salon Manicure Price List Today

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for fingernails and hands to enhance their health and appearance, which is done in several steps. For improving the health and texture of fingernails, filling and shaping of the free edge of nails is done to give them a neat and uniform look plus pushing and clipping of non-living tissues is performed to prevent infection and improve nail growth.

For hand, massage therapy is given to stimulate blood circulation, relax the muscles and reduce stress, which is going to be helpful to boost your confidence and self-esteemed because of the attractive and well-groomed hands which will match with the nail colour and the outfits you wear.

Manicure MenuDurationPriceWhy Choose This?
Classic Manicure30 min₹531Here comes the first option for a manicure in the list of Geetanjali Salon Price List, which will help you to Manicure your hand in an orthodox manner.
Crystal Manicure30 min₹767This a typical type of Manicure which will help you to keep your hands smooth and soft.
Luxury Manicure30 min₹1416This special Manicure service from the team Geetanjali will make you feel premium.
Ice Cream Manicure45 min₹1180This Manicure service is the longest in terms of time and nourishes your hands to make them soft and smooth.

Geetanjali Salon Pedicure Price List Today

Pedicure is an important service for maintaining the health of your feet as it helps in removing calluses and dead skin from feet which is a reason for pain and discomfort. Also, the massaging of legs and feet improves blood flow and is helpful in tension and stress reduction.

Also, it prevents fungal infections on toenails and feet, clean and moisturise them, enhances the appearance of the toenails and improves nail health by improving blood circulation and adding nutrients to the nails.

Pedicure MenuDurationPriceWhy Choose This?
Classic Pedicure30 min₹590This Pedicure service in Geetanjali Salon Price List offers the orthodox way of Pedicure.
Crystal Pedicure30 min₹826This a typical type of Pedicure which will help you to keep your feet smooth and soft.
Luxury Pedicure45 min₹1416This special Pedicure service from the team of Geetanjali will make you feel premium.
Ice Cream Pedicure45 min₹1180This Pedicure service is the longest in terms of time and nourishes your feet to make them soft and smooth.

Geetanjali Salon Threading Price List Today

Threading is an important part of self-grooming and especially for ladies it’s a necessity and has to be done regularly. The most common is eyebrow shaping which adds more precision to the eyebrows by removing unwanted hairs.

In Geetanjali Salon, we have separate options for eyebrows, upper lip, lower lip, chin and forehead but the combo pack is the best to go, as complete grooming is always the best option. Treading suits all kinds of skin types enhances your natural beauty, improves the hygiene level, is long lasting and most importantly it’s gentle and painless.

Threading MenuDurationPriceWhy Choose This?
Eyebrows Threading15 min₹83A minimum requirement for you to look awesome, as it comes at a super affordable price.
Upper Lip Threading10 min₹59A must-to-do for females, this service will help you to get rid of unwanted upper lip hairs and it too comes at a very cheap price.
Forehead Threading10 min₹59Cleaning the unwanted hairs from the forehead will make you look more whiter and cleaner.
Chin Threading10 min₹59This service will help you to get rid of all unwanted hairs under the chin section and make you look more feminine.
Lower Lip Threading10 min₹59This service is to get rid of the hairs over the lower lip section and often it is done together with the upper lip threading.
Full Face Threading Price30 min₹531An overall service which comes as a combination of all, keeping you out of trouble to choose.

Geetanjali Salon Waxing / Hair Removing Price List Today

Because of unwanted hairs on your arms or legs, you might have to face uncomfortable situations which can be easily avoided if you go for timely waxing. It is known to all that waxing is used for the removal of unwanted hairs but very few people know that it even helps in exfoliating the skin by peeling away dead cells on the skin, making the hair grow finer which results in less coarse and thick hair regrowth.

Waxing completely uproots the hair, giving a time-saving option for hair removal as the hairs removed by waxing take longer than usual to regrow. Here at Geetanjali, we got you covered for all your waxing needs starting from underarm waxing to full-body waxing.

Waxing MenuDurationPriceWhy Choose This?
Arms Waxing30 min₹708Keep your arms free from unwanted hair, with the most hygienic and advanced method of waxing.
Legs Waxing30 min₹708Get the most advanced method to free your legs from unwanted hairs. 
Under Arms Waxing10 min₹177Save yourself from embarrassment because of uncleaned under-arm hair with the most affordable rates. 
Full Body Waxing75 min₹3540A fully loaded service with the most advanced technology used, to get your entire body free from unwanted hairs and make you feel confident.

Geetanjali Salon Massage Charges List Today

Taking a massage in a salon is the best way to relax and recreate yourself as it relieves your body from pain and stress as manipulates soft tissues of your body to improve the blood flow and reduce inflammation.

Massaging helps by exfoliating, moisturizing and toning the body with the use of oils, creams and essential oils plus helps in boosting immunity and detoxification by stimulating the lymphatic system. At Geetanjali Salon, we promote not only relaxation and well-being but also emotional healing by providing a safe and supportive space to the clients.

Massage MenuDurationPriceWhy Choose This?
Cuccio Foot SPA45 min₹1770Helps your legs to relax and de-stress them by improving blood circulation.
Coconut Oil Head Massage30 min₹590Coconut oil is useful for blood circulation and keeping your hair conditioned.
Olive Oil Head Massage30 min₹649A healthy message for your head which helps moisturise dry and flaky scalp which comes with expert services from Geetanjali Salon.
Almond Oil Head Massage30 min₹708Get free from all worries and enter into a stress-free zone with the benefits of almond oil and the expertise of Geetanjali Salon. 
Cuccio Hand Spa45 min₹1770Helps your arms to relax and de-stress them by improving blood circulation.

Geetanjali Salon Beauty Parlour Makeup Charges Today

A wedding is a special occasion for the bride and groom both and one these days it’s the dream for anyone to look the best in his lifetime. The Bridal makeup in Geetanjali Salon is the best you can get and most importantly, it comes with a trust of more than 3 decades.

Here at Geetanjali, we have a full package for Bridal makeup, which is not as simple as applying chemicals. Before applying any makeup, we analyse the skin tone and properties in detail and only after a thorough scrutiny we decide which form of makeup will be the best for the bride.

Not only this we have special plans for different occasions as, we got you covered if it is Deepawali, Dusshera, Holi, Id or any other festival, here at Geetanjali Salon we have every kit ready for you. 

Makeup MenuPriceWhy Choose This?
Bridal MakeupStarting from ₹35000This is the start item in Geetanjali Salon Price List, a fully loaded bridal make-up service which will make you feel special on a day which is most memorable to you.
Party MakeupStarting from ₹3999The light makeup is most suitable for party preparations and makes you glow among all.
Pre Bridal PackageStarting from ₹9000Even before the final day of Bridal Makeup, there are events when you need to look special, and it’s also important that the makeup goes parallelly with the occasion which Geetanjali Salon cares the most for you.
Light MakeupStarting from ₹3500Light makeup for normal day-to-day events which will keep you glowing.
Occasional MakeupStarting from ₹7080A makeup you need to celebrate your special occasions.


A beauty salon is something which comes as a basic amenity required by all because everyone wants to look special and stand out from the crowd. It is very important that you choose your brand of Salon wisely and never go for any cheap brand because it’s not advisable to take risks with your hair and skin.

Geetanjali Salon Price List updated in this article will help you to compare the prices with other brands but be assured of the quality which has no competition whatsoever. At Geetanjali, you get a personalised experience as you may not know what’s best for you but here, we do know.

Before giving any suggestions, or any service we at Geetanjali carefully observe the nature and behaviour of your skin and hair and only suggest the options which will be the best for their care.

Geetanjali Salon Price List Today FAQs

Can I get personalised service from Sumit Israni?

Yes, once you confirm your appointment and pay the booking amount you can get your hair cut from Mr Sumit Israni at a nominal cost of ₹7080 only.

Is Geetanjali Salon available in Delhi?

Geetanjali Salon services are in all the metro cities of India along with 100 plus other branches in different corners of India. 

Is this rate chart fixed or changing?

Though this Geetanjali Salon Price List is fixed for the moment it will be updated in future to cope with the rate of inflation.

Is Geetanjali Salon using the genuine product?

One thigh which you can be sure of with Geetanjali is the authenticity of the products used, so don’t worry and enjoy the services.

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