10 Best Invisalign Orthodontist Doctors in Chennai

Best Invisalign orthodontist doctors in Chennai include Prof Dr. Dhivya Dilipkumar, Dr. Krishna Raj, Dr. Uma Sudhakar, Dr. N Kumar, Dr. Anantanarayan, Dr. P Vivekanandan, and few more.

Best Invisalign Orthodontist Doctors in Chennai
Best Invisalign Orthodontist Doctors in Chennai

If a smile is the prettiest thing we wear, then dentists are the designers and orthodontists the stylists. Previously, orthodontists strived to create a perfect set of 28 for the clients – using braces, bands and retainers.

But with the increasing complaints about enamel damage, severe pain and poor oral hygiene, orthodontists all over the world are shifting to a one-stop solution by the name ‘Invisalign’.

So, What is Invisalign?

True to its name, Invisalign is a thin, transparent aligner used primarily as a teeth straightener among children, adults and even older adults. They are made of thermoplastic, an element which can be custom molded to the patient’s teeth and is considered one of the best materials for orthodontist treatments.

Invisalign is the name of the U S based Clean Aligners, considered to be the nest solution for orthodontic needs, The commercial sale of Invisalign in India started in 2016 and has become one of the most preferred treatments by orthodontists and patients alike.

Who is an Invisalign Orthodontist?

Invisalign Orthodontist Doctor
Invisalign Orthodontist Doctor

An orthodontist is a specialist in treating, diagnosing and preventing ‘bad bites’ (malocclusions) and hence focuses more on the alignment of teeth. Although there is an abundance of orthodontists in India, there is a dearth of Invisalign orthodontists. They specialize in understanding the kind of bite (Over, under, cross, deep, crowding, spacing, etc.) and straightening them using Invisalign as a tool.

As nothing is without drawbacks, the only critic of Invisalign is in its cost. But, when we look for the best stylists for our hair and the best clothes to wear, why not invest a little more in something that stays even posthumously – our teeth?

But, WHY Choose Invisalign?

Undeniably, it is time for the pesky braces and retainers which were once mocked as being unattractive to be replaced by something more elegant and less troublesome. With orthodontists agreeing on easy placement and removal, better oral health, and a clear aesthetically pleasing design, it is without a doubt a better option to treat any sort of misalignment of the teeth.

Not only this, the reduced risks such as lesser infection, irritability and sensitivity can help people across all age groups manage and complete the treatment successfully. So, no more tears or dental fears, just teeth covered in plastic clear!

Who Needs Invisalign?

As the tool works in correcting alignment of the teeth in various conditions and across ages, it works best for those facing mild to moderate alignment issues. It can even be used by those who have faced a relapse in their dental aligning post-braces. However, Invisalign is not a firsthand treatment for those with extreme misalignment or other major dental issues.

However, issues such as gaps in teeth, crooked teeth, overlapping teeth or any other alignment issues can easily be corrected to a beautiful smile with Invisalign.

How to Choose the Best Invisalign Orthodontist Doctor?

choose best Invisalign orthodontist doctor in Chennai
Choose Best Invisalign Orthodontist Doctor in Chennai

With the skill itself being technical and dexterous, it is rare to find good Invisalign orthodontists, especially in India. The orthodontists need to know the exact requirements such as purpose of alignment, the type of teeth and precision in technique – all of which will bring out the beautiful advantages of Invisalign.

So, before you hand your pearly whites to any dentist nearby, it is important to consult only specialized Invisalign orthodontists for your needs. Let’s dive into three main points that need to be checked off –

1. Specialization

Always ensure that the doctor catering to your teeth alignment is certified orthodontists. These experts understand the nuances that come with the procedure and are better equipped to treat you. Although a dentist caters to other aspects such as oral hygiene, etc., only a certified orthodontist can practice with Invisalign.

So, don’t be shy about asking for credentials and verifying them, because they are after all your precious teeth!

2. Experience

As in any niche field, it is always better to opt for a professional with more experience. It would definitely be reassuring that the orthodontists can manage any situation, be confident in their treatment and have a good technical know-how of using Invisalign in their treatment.

It is for this purpose that a classifying system for Invisalign Orthodontists are available, where those marked ‘Diamond’ and ‘Platinum’ are the creamy 1% of the Invisalign doctors (and those are the doctors to reach out to)

3. Technology & Skill

As Invisalign relies greatly on using 3D printing, creating thermoplastic clear retainers and adjusting them accordingly, it is very important to check if the orthodontist has the necessary tools and knowledge to use them.

Always remember: You have every right to ask about your treatment, so always ensure you go to doctors who know what they’re doing!

Okay, now that we have addressed the general topic, let’s close in on the BEST Invisalign Orthodontists in Chennai, India.

List of 10 Best Invisalign Orthodontist Doctors in Chennai

Find the list of the famous Invisalign orthodontist doctors in Chennai with best order at for Invisalign treatment at affordable cost.

01. Prof Dr. Dhivya Dilipkumar

Best Invisalign Orthodontist Doctor in Chennai
Prof Dr Dhivya Dilipkumar, Invisalign Orthodontist Doctor in Chennai

Ranking at #1, we have Prof Dr Dhivya Dilipkumar who is both an orthodontist and a TMJ Pain Specialist in Chennai. With fellowships in Laser dentistry, orofacial pain, TMD pain and sleep disorders and being among the select few in India to have a TMJ certification, it can be said with conviction that Prof Dr. Dhivya Dilipkumar is the best at what she does. Added to this, she has more than 18 years of experience of treating more than 1000 patients – which makes her the best option for your needs.

02. Dr. Krishna Raj

Dr. Krishna Raj, who has 38 years of experience in providing all types of tooth treatment like extraction, whitening and an MDS in orthodontics is considered in the top list for Invisalign treatment. He is the second best Invisalign orthodontist doctor in Chennai.

03. Dr. Uma Sudhakar

Dr. Uma Sudhakar, a gold medalist in MDS and a member of the Indian Dental Association works passionately in the field of Periodontics and Dental surgery – gaining the trust of many patients. He is another popular Invisalign orthodontist doctor in Chennai.

04. Dr. N Kumar

Dr. N Kumar, who has been playing the role of dental surgeon, implantologist, and oral & maxillofacial surgeon for 27 years treats various conditions along with Invisalign such as restoration aesthetics, implants and advanced surgery. He is also an popular Invisalign orthodontist doctor based in Chennai

05. Dr. Anantanarayan

Dr. Anantanarayan, with his 25 years of experience in dental surgery and awarded for his research skills, is well established in the field of orthodontics to provide good Invisalign and other oral procedures. He is another famous Invisalign orthodontist in Chennai.

06. Dr. P Vivekanandan

Dr. P Vivekanandan, almost completing the 25-year mark in the field of dentistry, he specializes in all types of teeth fixing, reshaping and aligning treatments. You can consider his profile also if you are looking for an experienced Invisalign orthodantist doctor in Chennai

07. Dr. Santhi

Dr. Santhi, with 22 years of experience is a well known endodontist, cosmetic/aesthetic dentist and Invisalign orthodontist in Chennai who specializes in treatment options such as Invisalign along with implant fixing, dentures and other concerns.

08. Dr. R S Mohan Kumar

Dr. R S Mohan Kumar, who has been focusing on procedures involving cosmetic surgery and endodontics for more than 20 years is adept in procedures such as laser gum surgery, zirconia crowns, lamination and the famous Invisalign treatment.

09. Dr. Dhinakaran

Dr. Dhinakaran, a proud member of the Indian Orthodontic Society and a University topper in MDS, has been practicing treatments such as sedation dentistry, pulpectomy, etc., along with orthodontic procedures like Invisalign.

10. Dr Dilipkumar

Dr Dilipkumar, an experienced prosthodontist who also focuses on restoration and replacement of teeth (Implantologist) makes sure his patient’s oral health goals are catered to in his clinic, which is also considered the #1 center in Chennai.

It is without a doubt that the array of doctors is experienced, skilled and a master at their job; making Chennai one of the strong bases for orthodontic procedures such as Invisalign.

What is the Best Invisalign Clinic in Chennai?

As we know now, the doctors and the tools they use are equally important in the treatment of our teeth, especially with Invisalign. Chennai, boasting of its skillful orthodontists, also has specific clinics for the same.

As seen through multiple reviews and proudly holding the #1 ranked Orthodontist in Chennai, the Dr. Dilip Dental Centre is undoubtedly the best. With over 15 years in experience with orthodontics and providing the best care – the clinic is suitable for all age groups. Understanding the concerns of the people, the clinic also has a variety of financing options which makes a cost bearing treatment such as Invisalign available to all.

So, looking at these facts and lists curated for you, don’t hesitate to visit a well-qualified orthodontist for your treatment needs.

Still not sure about Invisalign? Here are some FAQs to help

Invisalign Orthodontist Doctors in Chennai FAQs

Who is the best Invisalign doctor in Chennai?

Prof Dr Dhivya Dilipkumar and Dr. Dilipkumar who work in the Dr. Dilipkumar Dental Centre are the top Invisalign orthodontists, dedicated to making the treatment affordable, easy and reliable.

What is the cost of Invisalign in Chennai?

The range of Invisalign ranges from a minimum of 1.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs depending on the requirement of the patient. There are multiple financing options available which can be discussed with the orthodontist.

What is the best dental clinic for Invisalign in Chennai?

Dr. Dilip Dental Centre is considered the best treatment clinic for Invisalign, with a focus on expertise, patient care and affordability.

Is Invisalign Painful?

Many patients have reported that although there is mild initial pain, Invisalign hurts less in a couple of days. It is smooth, doesn’t cut the insides of the mouth and is in one fixed piece which is easy to handle. It also depends on the subjective interpretation of pain, which can vary.

Is Invisalign better than braces?

Invisalign is extremely effective in terms of aesthetic appeal, easy maintenance, no specific dietary restrictions and minimal pain as compared to braces. Although each has their pros and cons, the orthodontists are moving to Invisalign as a safer and more appealing treatment option. 

Can I do the procedure by myself?

When there is a requirement of specific specialization in this treatment by orthodontists themselves, it is always better to get it done by a professional. Many cases have been reported when this self-treatment has gone wrong which inevitably led to a consultation with an orthodontist. (Better safe than sorry!)


Ultimately, the best person to consult about this treatment option would be an experienced Invisalign orthodontist in Chennai like Prof Dr Dhivya Dilipkumar, who can explain the detailed procedure to help you make a better decision. And, if there is any confusion on whom to consult, you can always refer to the top 10 Invisalign orthodontists in Chennai!

And book an appointment with here with Prof Dr Dhivya Dilipkumar.

And lastly, after reading all this information about teeth, don’t forget to smile!

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