30 Famous Murugan Temples in Salem: Updated List

More than 30+ Salem Murugan temples are pretty famous. Muthumalai Murugan temple in Salem is claimed to be the world’s tallest Murugan statue with 146 feet height.

Want to know about other Salem Murugan Temples? Here in the blog post, we have carefully listed 30 famous Murugan Temples in Salem along with addresses, nearby attractions etc.,

salem murugan temple
Salem Murugan Temple

Known by the likes of Kartikeya, Skanda, Subramanya, and many more, in different parts of the country, Lord Murugan is a popular and powerful Hindu God of War, whose followers have crossed the boundaries of India.

We can find many dedicated devoted followers of Lord Murugan in countries like South India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, and we can find renowned temples concerned to him constructed by his devotees.

In this article on Salem Murugan Temples, we will go through a divine journey and follow the footprints of Lord Murugan in the land of Salem, the steel city of Tamil Nadu in South India.

We can learn more about Lord Murugan the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, from the scripts of the Rigveda, the Hindu mythological scripts from the Vedic period.

Also, in the great Hindu epic of Mahabharata, there are descriptions that Lord Murugan fought from the side of Pandavas, and even in the Tamil Sangam which is present from the 3rd century BCE, it is mentioned that Lord Murugan was the God of War who was regarded as the protector and benefactor.

According to our Hindu mythology, Lord Murugan was a divine warrior, who fought against evil forces to protect his devotees and was regarded as the symbol of courage, determination, righteousness and spiritual knowledge.

In his teaching to the human world, Lord Murugan emphasized the importance of devotion and wisdom and following the correct path of righteousness.

In Malaysia, in the Bantu caves, there is a huge state of Lord Murugan, which was considered the world’s tallest Murugan statue before the Muthumalai Murugan Temple in Salem was constructed.

List of 30 Famous Murugan Temples In and Around Salem

Now we have gathered enough knowledge about the divinity of Lord Murugan, let’s begin our journey to acquire knowledge about the top 30 Salem Murugan temples.

1. Salem Muthumalai Murugan Temple

murugan temples in salem

This muthumalai murugan temple in Salem is recently constructed, and its kumbabhishekam was also completed on 6th April 2022, now holds the world record for the highest statue of Lord Murugan. The chairman of the trust for this temple and the man who fulfilled the dreams of his father, Mr. Natarajan Sridhar a businessman from Attur, started the construction of this temple in 2015-16 which was finally over in 2022.

The statue of Lord Murugan in this temple is 146 feet high, which beat the record of the Murugan temple in Malaysia in the Batu caves which is now the second best with a height of 142 feet. The temple was built by Thiagarajar Sthapathi, the same person who was behind the construction of the iconic Murugan Temple in Malaysia.

Sridhar confirmed that during the construction of the temple he collected the soil from different temples of Lord Murugan across Tamil Nadu and the construction cost him a total of 3 crore to build the statue. Also, during the kumbabhishekam, he used a helicopter to sprinkle holy water on top of the state and on the devotees who were present during the auspicious occasion.

The 146 feet tall statue of Murugan is in a standing position with his right hand in the abhayahastha mudra giving the blessing to all and in the left hand he is holding 80 feet tall Vel which symbolises his weapon.

If you want to reach this temple you have to reach Salem district in Tamil Nadu, where from Salem city you can book a cab and after travelling approximately 40 km you can reach the temple. If you are coming by bus, the nearest bus stand to be found is the Ettapur bus stop, which is just 2.5 km away from the Muthumalai Murugan Temple and from there, you can book an autorickshaw at ease.

To assist all of you to gather more learning about the temple, and help you to reach the temple easily, here is the Google Map link below which will help you to access the directions to the temple.

2. Salem Arulmigu Sugavaneswarar Swamy Temple

Salem Arulmigu Sugavaneswarar Swamy Temple

Salem Arulmigu Sugavaneswarar Swamy temple is a prominent Hindu temple situated in the district of Salem, in Tamil Nadu and is preferably dedicated to the powerful Lord Shiva. The powerful God Shiva also known as Sugavaneswarar Swamy is worshipped in this temple which is one of the oldest temples of the region have a huge history to read and shares a rich cultural significance.

The temple which is located at the heart of the steel city of Salem, is believed to be built by the Chera kings in the 8th century and the present version of the temple has undergone several renovations over the years, especially by the Vijayanagara Empire.

Depicted in a Linga form the main deity Sugananeswarar Swamy is situated in the Sactum Sanctorum surrounded by a spacious hall. The temple is the home to the statues of several other Deities like Goddess Parvati, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Ganesha but the statue of Lord Murugan is an eye-pleasing sight.

The Murugan statue is a massive structure made of stone and carved out of single 60 feet tall statue depicting Lord Murugan, who is considered to be the most reserved deity in the Hindu pantheon and is worshipped as the God of War.

There are many unique features in the Murugan statue present in the Sugavaneswarar Swamy Temple it was carved out of a single stone, and the Vel in his have given the sense of his power, not to forget before the construction of Muthumalai Murugan Temple was the Tallest Murugan statue in South India.

The Salem Murugan temple has beautiful architecture, blended with Dravidian and Vijayanagara styles, entrance is adorned with a towering Gopuram decorated with intricate carving and sculptures. Another unique feature of the temple is the presence of a separate shrine for Lord Hanuman, who is also regarded as an incarnation of Lord Shiva and the devotee of Lord Rama.

There are a large number of festivals celebrated in the temple throughout the year on the occasion of Maha Shivratri it’s a treat to watch as the temple is decorated beautifully and poojas and rituals are performed to please the Lord.

If you want to visit this temple by bus you can board a local bus from Salem or hire a taxi or auto-rickshaw to reach the temple. For those who are coming by train, Salem is the nearest junction and the nearest railway station to the temple from where taxis or auto-rickshaws are easily available.

To assist all of you to gather more learning about the temple, and help you to reach the temple easily, here is the Google Map link below which will help you to access the directions to the temple.

Distance between Sugavaneshwarar Temple and Salem Airport is 22 km.

Distance between Sugavaneshwarar Temple and Salem Railway Station is 12 km

Address of Sugavaneshwarar Temple:

Asst. Commissioner / Executive Officer
Arulmigu Sugavaneshwarar Swamy Thirukkoil
Swarnambigai Agraharam
Salem – 636001

Phone no.: 0427 245 0954
Temple Phone no.: 0427 225 4414
Website: www.sugavaneshwarartemple.tnhrce.in

3. Kalyana Pasupatheswarar Temple, Karur

Kalyana Pasupatheswarar Temple Salem

Kalyana Pasupatheswar Temple which is a pride for the city of Karur, Tamil Nadu is devoted to the powerful superior Hindu god, Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati, who are the parents of Lord Murugan the war of God. The history of the temple is as old as the history of the Chola dynasty, as it is believed that the temple was built by them.

The presence of Lord Murugan gives a unique feel of calmness within the temple, as the statue is situated on the right-hand side of the entrance of the temple. The statue of Lord Murugan is in a standing position, with both his wives, Valli and Devasena standing by his side, giving the belief in the devotees that he will protect them from any kind of misery and keep them away from any kind of negative energy.

There are many festivals celebrated in this temple out of which the festival of Thaipusam is an important one which is celebrated in the Tamil month of Thai which comes in between January-February. The festival is important because it is a common belief that on this day Lord Murugan received the Vel, a divine spear from his mother Goddess Parvati.

In the Tamil month of Aippasi which is between October-November, the festival of Skanda Sashti is also celebrated, which is to commemorate Lord Murugan’s victory over the demon Surapadman. During the festival, there is a spirit of joy and enthusiasm among the followers as several rituals are performed during this time. 

To assist all of you to gather more learning about the temple, and help you to reach the temple easily, here is the Google Map link below which will help you to access the directions to the temple.

4. Kodumudi Magudeswarar Temple

Salem Kodumudi Magudeswarar Murugan Temple

The pride of the city of Kodumudi, Magudeswar Temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the three premier Gods, according to Hindu mythology and is a popular pilgrimage destination in its locality and around Tamil Nadu as well. It is also believed that during the 9th century AD, the rulers of the Chola dynasty build this temple over an area of 3 acres and several deities like Lord Murugan, Lord Ganesh and Goddess Parvati are also placed along with the idol of Lord Shiva.

Lord Magudeswarar who is also known as Kodumudi Nathar and represented by the Lingam symbol of Lord Shiva, is the main deity who is worshipped in this temple. It is believed that the Lingam is self-manifested and was discovered by a local farmer while digging a well and was later placed in the Temple.

The exquisite architecture, intricate carving, testament to the skill, and creativity of artisans who build the temple, and the large tank known as the Magudamirtha Pushkarni which is believed to have healing powers, are some unique features of this temple

Within the temple, there is a Murugan statue made up of black stone which is 6 feet tall depicting Lord Murugan in standing position with one foot on his vehicle, the Peacock and holding his Vel in one and a bow in the other hand.

Kodumudi is a well-connected city of Tamil Nadu with most of the parts of Southern India, where you can reach by boarding the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) from major cities like Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode and Salem.

To assist all of you to gather more learning about the temple, and help you to reach the temple easily, here is the Google Map link below which will help you to access the directions to the temple.

5. Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple

Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple
Sangameshwarar Temple Bhavani History in Tamil

The Sangameshwar Temple in the town of Bhavani, Tamil Nadu is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva as well as Lord Murugan who is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Murugan is regarded as a powerful Hindu deity who is often depicted as a young and handsome Lord of war riding on a peacock, holding a spear and a bow.

The six feet high idol of Lord Murugan at Bhavani Sangameshwarar temple has a magnificent and awe-inspiring sight, made of black stone with six faces and twelve hands. The Murugan statue is constructed at a separate shrine within the temple, placed next to the main sanctum of Lord Shiva and decorated with intricate carvings and paintings.

The devotees flock to the shrine of Lord Murugan to offer prayers and seek his blessing and illuminating numerous lamps and candles. People believe that Lord Murugan is very powerful and grants the wishes of the devotees whose heart is full of faith and devotion.

The statue of Murugan is also a focus of attraction for several festivals and rituals celebrated throughout the year, especially during the Thai Poosam festival celebrated in the Tamil Month of Thai. During this festival, there is a grand procession for the Murugan statue, and millions of people accompany the procession with music and dance.

To assist all of you to gather more learning about the temple, and help you to reach the temple easily, here is the Google Map link below which will help you to access the directions to the temple.

6. Pughali Murugan Kovil

Salem Pughali Murugan Kovil

Located in the village of Velayuthampalayam in Tamil Nadu, Pughali Murugan Kovil is one of the oldest and most revered temples dedicated to Lord Murugan in the locality. It is believed that the statue of Lord Murugan present in Pughali Murugan Kovil is more than 2000 years old crafted on black granite stone, full of spiritual power.

The statue is a masterpiece of craftsmanship of ancient Indian art and is believed to have the ability to grant strength, courage and victory to the devotees. The uniqueness of the Lord Murugan idol is because of the presence of a small snake on his left hand which symbolised his victory over the serpent demon which he defeated in a legendary battle.

The snake present in his left hand also symbolises kundalini, a sort of cosmic energy which lies dormant within every human being and can be awakened through belief and spiritual practice. The temple authorities take special care in the cleanliness of the temple and maintenance of the statue of Lord Murugan, organising special poojas and offering flowers, fruits and other items as a sign of devotion.

7. Kailasanathar Temple, Rasipuram

Present in the Namakkal district in the city of Rashipuram, the Kailashnathar temple is a 500-year-old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is facing toward the west. Lord Kailasanathar in the sanctum sanctorum is a swayambulinga with a mark of an arrow punch which adds to the uniqueness of the statue.

The temple is facing west full of gooseberry trees surrounding the temple and the Lord Vinayaka idol under the tower is facing Nandhi, the vahan of Lord Shiva. The Rajagopuram of the temple is a five-tier structure out of which Lord Murugan graces two shrines separately Baladandayuthapani and Kalyana Subramania with his two wives Valli and Deivanai near the Ambica shrine.

Primarily there are four pujas performed to Lord Shiva on Shivrathri and women seeking children pray to Ambica in the midday of Pradosha of full moon fortnight offering a special pooja.

Also, Lord Vikata Chakra Vinayaka’s idol with a rudraksha chain in hand is a unique thing to see as the entire chain is made of one single stone. The temple is approximately 30 km away from the city of Salem which is open from 6 am to 12 noon and 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm daily.

8. Agineswarar Temple, Nerur

At a distance of 106 km from Salem placed on the banks of river Kaveri, the temple of Sri Agneeswarar is a must-visit heritage site. With three sanctums this temple is facing toward the East, and was constructed along with the Thirumukkudalaur Sri Agastheeswarar temple people believe that it is the centre eye of Lord Shiva.

The present temple is a renovated one and new samadhis were built since the original one was completely dismantled. At the entrance of the temple, dwarpalakas are installed in front of the mandapa walls, and the preparation of pillars for the mandapa is in progress.

With aesthetic natural beauty around and eye-pleasing scenes, this temple is just 14 km away from Karur, 82 km from Erode, 106 km from Salem and 400 km from Chennai.

9. Salem Kumaragiri Sri Dhandayuthapani Temple

Kumaragiri Sri Dhandayuthapani Temple is another famous Murugan temple in Salem to should visit. There is an interesting story connected with the construction of this temple, which says that when Lord Murgan argued with his father Lord Shiva, on the Mango issue favouring Lord Ganapathi, he relaxed with his peacock vahan at this spot. When a devotee of Lord Murugan was on his way to Palani, was relaxing in the same spot when he heard the voice saying, ‘I am here as Dandayuthapani’.

But the devotee was unable to understand the voice and left for Palani, and later Lord Murugan visited this devotee, gave him a begging bowl and asked with to build the temple with the collected money. Also, Nivedhana mongo is offered to Lord Murugan in this temple because he was angry with Lord Shiva on the issue of Mango and this is why it is believed that Salem is blessed with mango cultivation.

There is a special pooja called Trisadha Archana is performed in this temple, for those who got injured in accidents and are in emergency condition. It is also a common belief among people that praying to Lord Dandayuthapani facing north belongs to Kubera, who is the prayed as the Lord of wealth and performs the Padi pooja to please him.

10. Theerthagireeswarar temple, Theerthamalai

Theerthamalai is a town in Tamil Nadu which is at a distance of 80 km from Salem, where Theerthagireeshwarar Swami Temple was constructed by the Chola and Vijayanagara kings. To visit this Salem murugan temple you have to climb 1 km up on the steep slope of a hillock where after climbing you can find the five springs in the temple.

There is a common belief related to the temple that Lord Rama performed Shiva puja at two destinations, one at Rameswaram and another at Theerthamalai. That’s why this temple is also called the temple of holy Theerthas around the hill which contain high medicinal effect and has the power to rejuvenate the devotees.

Out of many Theertham, Sri Rama Theertham was brought out from the rocks and contains herbal bathing, bestowing the devotees to get rid of their sins, if they bathed in the Theertham enchanting Sri Rama Jayam.

11. Ardhanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode

According to the legends, Adi Kesava Perumal, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, was enshrined here and instructed Goddess Parvati on the Kedara Gowri Vratam, which she performed to unite with Lord Shiva and the Legendary avatar of God, Ardhanareeswarar came into existence.

According to one more legend, there was a fierce battle between the serpent Lord Adishesha and the wind God Vayu Dev for proving one’s superiority over the other. The sages set a challenge to know the winner, setting the rules that Lord Adishesha had to cling to Mount Meru and Vayu Dev has to blow him by his power.

During the competition Lord Adishesha came out as a winner making Vayu Dev full of anger, stopping the airflow of the world, and putting all living beings in danger. The Sages convinced Vayu Dev and he release his hold all of a sudden, which resulted in Adishesha being thrown into the earth in three places. The places where Lord Adishesha’s blood and flesh fell, the place was full of red, hence it got its name Chengdu. Also, it appeared a 60 feet long snake-shaped carved structure on the hill, from where the Nagamalai came.       

The temple is located at a distance of 25 km from Erode and 50 km from Salem and also believed that Arunagirinathar has sung Thiruppaugazh songs in praise of Lord Murugan of this temple.

12. Salem Kanjamalai Sitharkoil Murugan Temple

Salem Kanjamalai Sitharkoli Murugan Temple dedicated to Lord Murugan is placed in the Kanjamalai hills of Tamil Nadu, with beautiful scenes around the temple which attract a huge number of visitors. It is a common belief among the local people that the main idol in this temple is a stone form of Lord Murugan which was found by a group of saints who were performing some rituals in these hills.

This Salem Murugan temple is a big attraction for a large number of devotes who gather here from different corners of the country, especially during the annual Kanjamalai festival which was celebrated during the Tamil month of Vaikasi which comes between May and June, during which there is a huge chariot precession of Lord Murugan.

The temple is located at a distance of 14 km from Salem, the steel city of Tamil Nadu, and is well known for the herbs that are available in abundance around this locality. The Pilgrims coming to this temple believed that by dipping into the streams they will get rid of their all sins, and also the water possesses herbal quality.

13. Salem Paavadi Sengunthar Kalyana Subramanya Swami Temple

This Salem Paavadi Sengunthar Kalyana Subramanya Swami Temple is dedicated to Lord Subramanya, who is most commonly named Lord Murugan, is located in Salem and regarded as one of the most popular temples in Salem and nearby areas.

The Sengunthar community, which is one of the oldest communities residing in Tamil Nadu, are believed to have built this temple with beautiful architecture and intricate carving to worship the God of War.

The annual festival of Kalyana Utsavam is celebrated here with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness when people decorate the temple with lights and flowers and a procession of Lord Murugan is help to mark the occasion.

14. Salem Skandasramam Murugan Temple, Udayapatti

The temple of Skandasramam Murugan Temple is situated on the hills of Udayapatti in Salem district and is surrounded by dazzling landscape and natural beauty which makes it a demanding destination for pilgrimage. It is believed that the temple was built in 1978 by a devotee named Sri Shantananda Swami who was a disciple of Swayamprakasa, to worship Lord Murugan who is known as Shanmuga or Skanda.

Inside the temple in the Maha Mandapam, Shri Ashta Dasapuja Mahalakshmi Durga Parameshwari who is commonly known as Skandamatha is placed and opposite her, there is an attractive statue of Gnanaskandan.

In the outer part of the Maha Mandapam are two 16 feet high statues of Sri Panchmuga Anjaneyar and Sri Panchamuga Vinayagar along with nine important points in the Linga form which are Dattatreya Bhagawan, Danvanthri, Panchamuga Anjaneya, Gnana Skanda Gurunathan, Skandamatha, Magangal Mandapam and Skanda Jothi, Swarnakarshana Bairavar, Panchamuga Ganapathi in the temple.

15. Salem Utthumalai Balasubramania Thirukovil

From a distance of 11 km from Salem, Utthumalai Balasubramania Thirukovil, this temple is situated on a hilltop, dedicated to Lord Murugan who is better known as Balasubramaniar by the local people. The temple is 1000 years old with two unique features Lord Murugan is seen holding the neck of his beloved peacock. This is a unique posture which can’t be seen in any other temple in any other corner of the world.

Secondly, this temple possesses an extraordinary view of the hilltop, from which one can have a good view of Salem city and it was the same view from where Sage Agastya wrote the Tamil Grammar Agathiyam.

According to the Legends related to this place, Seven Rishis commonly known as Saptha Rishis have their bath early morning in the spring here, especially during the New Moon Day during the Shivarathri.

16. Thindal Murugan Temple

Just at a distance of 5.3 km from Erode, established on the Erode to Perundurai Road, this temple is truly a pride of Erode. This temple is situated at the top of the hillock Thindal Malai, and have a common belief that the prosperity of Erode is primarily because of the blessings of the temple God Murugan who is facing the Erode city.

The Lord of this temple is known by many other names, like Sri Velayudhaswami, Kuzhanthai Velayuthaswamy, Thindal Malai Murugan, Kumara Velayuthaswamy, and many more and similarly the hill of Erode Thindal Malai, is also known by many other names like Thindalpalayam, Thindalmedu, Thindalpudur, Thindalmangalam, Melaithindal, Thindalgiri, Keelaithindal and many more.

At the entrance of the temple, there is an intricate design exhibiting the amazing artistic work of Lord Ganesha, Lord Murugan and his two consorts Goddess Valli and Devayanai.

17. Sri Velayuthaswami Temple, Kanagagiri

Sri Velayuthaswami Temple, Kanagagiri, is located in a small village of Kanagagiri meaning ‘Hill of Gold’, and is dedicated to Lord Murugan who is also known as Sri Velayuthaswami. According to ancient Indian legends Lord Murugan meditated in this spot after defeating the demon Surapadman.

The temple has a unique ritual, called ‘Paal Kudam’ where devotees offer milk pots which they carry on their heads and climb the hill to offer the milk. There is also a beautiful Utsava mandapam or procession hall where special arrangements are made for the devotees to conduct festivals and rituals.

18. Murugan Temple, Vadachennimalai

There is a common history related to the construction of this temple which goes like this. Many boys were playing at the foothold of the hill when were suddenly joined by a boy who came from nowhere.

The boy began to climb the hill and stopped at a place and disappeared with a flash of light. The kids playing nearby informed about this occurrence to the villagers who when searched the area, found three Swayambu idols and signs of pujas performed there.

Later the villagers found that the boy was Lord Murugan and built the temple in his honour. It is because of this unique incidence, Lord Murugan appears in three forms in this temple representing Varnasrama Dharma rules, which are a smiling child in the sanctum sanctorum, an aesthetic nearby as Dandayuthapani and a family head with his consorts Valli and Devanai.

19. Kandhamalai Murugan Temple, Mohanur, Namakkal

Devotees who visit these temples believe that praying to Lord Murugan will bless them with children who will be healthy, intelligent and self-confident. Just like the temple in Palani Lord Murugan is facing west holding the Vel in his right hand in a standing position.

Those who have the problem of Sevvai Dosha which causes a delay in marriage pray to Lord Murugan in this temple to get rid of this problem by offering yellow clothes and a red flower garland known as Sevvarali on Tuesday. To reach the temple the devotees have to climb 39 steps out of which 27 steps represent the 27 starts and the remaining 12 represent zodiac signs.

20. Chettiannan Koil, Pillanallur

At a distance of 30 km from Salem the temple of Chettiannan Kovil is located in the small village of Pillanallur which is just 7 km away from Rashipuram. This temple is also less than one km from the temple of Sivasubramaniyar Kovil in Pillanallur.

The temple of Arulmigu Chettikumaraswamy Thirukovil is in the Nammakal district from Andagalur gate to Thiruchangode Main Road and is devoted to Lord Murugan as it is considered one of the Avadharam of Lord Murugan.

21. Sivasubramaniyar temple, Gurusamipalayam

Just like the Chettiannan Koli, Sivasubramaniyar Temple is also located in Pillanallur, which is at a distance of 7 km from Rashipuram and is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Murugan. The most unique part of this temple is that Veerabagu the commander of Lord Murugan worshiped Lord Murugan in this temple.

During the month of March-April, the Panguni Uthiram festival is celebrated, in July-August Kruthikai festival, in May-June Vaikasi Visakam, in February-March Masi Magam, in April-May Chitra Poornima and November-December Tirukarthikai Deepam is celebrated with grand enthusiasm in this temple.

Also, the wedding festival of Lord Murugan is a grand festival which is celebrated here during the Panguni Uthiram event. The devotees pray for nine Fridays or Tuesdays in this temple to get relieved from the Mars Dosha by lighting Ghee lamps.

22. Kanakachalakumaran Temple, Elumathur

The Kanakachalakumaran Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu is an eminent temple which is situated in the Elumathur village in the Palakkad district of Kerala, where lord Vishnu is worshipped as Kanakachalakumaran, which means “the golden-hued prince” but as much as Lord Vishnu is famous, Lord Murugan placed is in this temple is also very well-known.

The temple is a unique example of the exquisite craftsmanship of the Kerala artist, and the stunning architecture and elaborate carving attract a huge number of devotees, especially from South India.

23. Salem Kalipatti Kandaswamy Temple

The temple of Kalipatti Kandaswamy is considered the richest temple in Salem district it was built by Katteri Lakshmana Kavundar and in the 18th century it was founded by Pazhani Kavundar. There is no entry cost for this Salem Murugan temple but there is a restriction for bringing pets and cameras, within the temple premises.

It is advisable to spend at least 3 hours to 4 hours in the temple premises, especially during afternoon time, when the temple’s beauty can be explored at peace and if you are visiting the temple during the Thaipusam festival in January, it will be an unforgettable experience.

24. Sri Balasubramaniyam Temple, Vaiyappamalai

35 km away from Salem, and 14 km from Rasipuram it’s a beautiful temple to visit, especially the view of beautiful birds around the temple is magnificent to watch. This 1000-year-old temple is a part of the Kongu Nadu region of Tamil Nadu which was known as ‘Vaigai Ponmalai’ in ancient times.

According to legends of Indian mythology, Siddhars collected a lot of gold and made a small hillock of gold, and requested Pazhani Malai Murugan to take this gold with him. Lord gave consent to their request and during his return to Thiruavangudi, met Saint Avvaiyar who requested the lord to put down the golden hillock.

Avvaiyar also gave updates on sitting on the top of the hillock and later the Naickar Kings built this temple with stones whose Kumbabhishegam was recently conducted in 2013.

25. Palaniyappar Temple, Belukurichi

Palaniyappar Temple in Belukurichi is a small temple dedicated to lord Murugan, which has a 1000-year-old history, where Lord Murugan is in a unique disguise in the form of a hunter where his hair is knotted at the top of his head. His appearance was divine and handsome, which was to lure and marry Valli.

The village of Belukurichi is right below Kolli Hills, and the name got its roots from ‘Velavan Kurinji’ which means the land and hills that belong to Velavan which is another name of Lord Murugan.

The devotees have confidence that after bathing in Yaanai Paali Theertham praying to Lord Murugan will aid them to get rid of problems like skin allergies, bone problems and childless problems and especially those who practice yogasana while praying to lord Murugan can get excellent results.

 26. Arappaleeswaran Temple, Ariyurnadu

This temple of Kollimalai is a natural beauty to visit enveloped by hills and has a history of 2500 years old and the temple is famous because of the ‘Kollipavai’ which is the most beautiful feminine form created by a divine sculptor who created lust in minds of the demons who came to Kollimalia with evil intentions.

As lord Shiva graces this place and is primarily worshipped as Swayambumurthy the temple was built by the Chera King Valvil Ori who was known for his charity. The devotees here feed the fishes in the Panchanadhi river as a form of prayer and also believe in a good omen if they do nose-pierce here.

According to legends in Indian mythology, a devotee because of ignorance caught a life of some fish and began to cook them but when the curry was about to boil the fishes came back to life and jumped out of the pan and ran. Because of this event, the importance of feeding fish has become a way to pray to the Lord.

27. Kabilar Malai Murgan Temple

According to some pieces of evidence available in the Sangam libraries, the Brahmin poet name Kapila obtained 100000 Kanam gold and county from the Chera King Selvak Kadukovazhiyathan. The king climbed the top of the hill and showed him the country which he donated to the Brahmin where later this temple was established.

One can find the evidence for this incident from the inscriptions erected by Kadukovazhiyathan on the Arinattan hills which contain the ten songs sung by Kapila at the end of the 7th verse in the Sangam book Pathiruppattu.

28. Balasubramanian Temple, Vennamalai

Indian mythological legends tell us a story between Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva, when Lord Brahma became proud of his profession that he has created the world and all the living forms, and Lord Shiva was willing to teach him a lesson.

He took the powers of creation from Lord Brahma and asked him to perform penance in Vanjivanam and the meantime the power of creation was bestowed to the divine cow, Kamdhenu. To protect all beings from thirst and hunger, Kamdhenu created a hill of butter and a spring with sweet water, whose effect can be felt even today as the rocks of the hill are unnaturally cool, even during hot summer.

It is also believed that while in meditation, Yogi Bhagavan had the darshan of Lord Murugan and was instructed to make this temple. The Yogi immediately informed about the incidence to Karuvur king who built a Mandap under the tree and set up the idol of Lord Murugan as Lord Balasubramaniar to mark the beginning of this temple.

29. Salem Fairlands Murugan Kovil

Located in Salem and dedicated to Lord Murugan who is considered the God of War, Victory and Wisdom, this temple is known for its mesmerising beauty and architecture, situated on the top of a hill having a large Gopuram.

This murugan temple in Salem has several other shrines dedicated to other Hindu deities other than Lord Murugan like Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and during the festival of Thaipoosam, this is an auspicious spot to visit.

30. Navapashana Murugan Temple

This temple reminds us of South Palani, the only site in Tamil Nadu where the idol of Lord Murugan is made in Navapashanam and is known for the anointing products performed on it which will become medicine and cure chronic ailments. This act was performed by Bhogar Siddha many thousands of years ago.

The speciality of the temple is its nine-storey edifice where each layer, from eight directions, absorbs wind and cosmic energy through the 72 holes and falls on the idol of Sri Navapashana Rajamurugan and falls on the devotees who come here.

Another special feature of this temple is the fall of the ozone layer and rays of sunlight on the idol of Sri Navapashana Rajamurugan during the Brahma muhurta and mother water is formed on the idol. It is believed that this water can cure all kinds of deadly diseases and relieve the devotees from all their miseries.

Salem Murugan Temple FAQs

Which is the tallest idol of Lord Murugan in the world?

We are blessed to have the Muthumalai Murugan Temple near Salem which holds the world record for the tallest Murugan temple with a height of 146 feet beating the old record of Malaysian Murugan which was 142 feet.

How to reach the Muthumalai Murugan Temple by bus?

You can get local transport easily from Salem to reach the Ettapur bus stand which is 2.5 km away from Muthumalai Murugan Temple.

Who built the Muthumalai Murugan temple?

This temple was built by Thiagarajar Sthapathi, who constructed the Muthumalai Murugan temple and he was the same person who was behind the successful construction of the Murugan temple in Malaysia.

How many Murugan Temples are there in Salem?

There are more than 30 famous Murugan temples in Salem to visit. Here in this article, I have listed down some of the most visited Salem Murugan temples.

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