Top 10 Online Payment Gateways in India & International 2024

India’s best online payment gateways include NTT DATA Payment Services, Zaak Pay, e-paisa, Direct Pay, Citrus Pay, Cashfee, Pay U, Bill Desk, M2P, and Ippo Pay.

online payment gateway in India
Online Payment Gateway in India

It is obvious that if you are a merchant, having a good payment gateway is necessary. The online payment industry in India has seen tremendous growth in the past decade. With increasing internet and smartphone penetration, more and more Indians are shopping, paying bills, and doing digital transactions online. 

If you are looking for the perfect payment gateway that suits your business, I’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we will look at India’s top 10 online payment gateway providers powering online business transactions. We will analyse their features, payment options supported, and other important factors. 

What is an Online Payment Gateway?

online payment gateway
Online Payment Gateway

An online payment gateway is a technology that allows businesses to accept secure payments from customers via online. It acts as an intermediary between an online business and acquiring banks or payment processors to facilitate financial transactions. 

Payment gateways allow merchants to accept credit card and debit card payments directly on their website without redirecting customers to another page.

Top Ranked 10 Payment Gateways in India – Newly Updated

Here is a list of the top 10 ranked payment gateways for businesses in India:

01. NTT DATA Payment Services

NTT DATA Payment Services online payment gateway in india
NTT DATA Payment Services – Best Online Payment Gateway in India

NTT DATA Payment Services is one of the largest online payment gateways in India with over 6 million merchants. Offers integrated online and offline payment solutions through various options like cards, net banking, UPI, wallets, etc. Provides end-to-end payment processing services including POS terminals. 

Key highlights:

     1. Large merchant base  

     2. Omnichannel solutions

     3. Robust infrastructure

     4. 24/7 support

     5. Multiple payment options

02. Zaakpay

Zaakpay online payment gateway in india
Zaakpay – Best Online Payment Gateway in India

Zaakpay is a full-stack fintech platform providing payment processing solutions. Offers easy-to-integrate APIs and ready-to-use plugins for e-commerce platforms. Supports multiple payment methods and provides features like recurring payments, refunds, etc. Zaak Pay is the second best online payment gateway in India.

Key Highlights

     1. Seamless integration

     2. Flexible pricing

     3. Fast onboarding

     4. Good support


     1. Smaller merchant network

     2. Fewer payment options  

     3. Limited offline capabilities

03. e-paisa

e-paisa online payment gateway in india
e-paisa – Best Online Payment Gateway in India

Epaisa operates as a digital wallet and also offers a payment gateway. Provides interoperable services for money transfers, bill payments, merchant payments, etc. It provides online and offline digital payment solutions for businesses and consumers. Hence this is the 3rd famous India based online payment gateway.

Key Highlights

     1. Robust payment options

     2. Flexible pricing plans

     3. Good documentation


     1. Old technology

     2. Limited customisation

     3. Limited support

04. Direct Pay

Direct Pay online payment gateway in india
Direct Pay – Best Online Payment Gateway in India

Direct Pay is a leading online payment gateway provider in India focused on delivering seamless payment experiences. It is focused on SME merchants. Offers simple signup and setup along with 24/7 support. Supports major debit and credit cards and net banking for online payments.

Key Highlights 

     1. Omnichannel solutions

     2. Flexible pricing

     3. Fast integration  

     4. Multiple payment options


     1. Limited support 

     2. Higher setup cost

     3. Few value-added services

05. Citrus Pay

Citrus Pay online payment gateway in india
Citrus Pay – Best Online Payment Gateway in India

Citrus Pay is a another online payment solutions provider offering payment gateway, payment processing, and other fintech services in India. Integrates with all major e-commerce platforms and supports various payment methods. Provides value-added services like cashbacks, EMI etc.

Key Highlights

     1. Financial technology focus  

     2. Robust infrastructure

     3. Secured transactions

     4. Value-added services

     5. Good customer support


     1. Complex setup process

     2. Fewer payment options

06. Cashfree

Cashfree online payment gateway in India
Cashfree – Best Online Payment Gateway in India

Cashfree provides full-stack payment solutions, including a payment gateway, payment processing, and banking services. Helps businesses accept payments via multiple options and also offers payment settlement. Hence this is the another best online payment gateway in India.

Key Highlights

     1. Full-stack banking solutions

     2. Secured transactions  

     3. Fast integration

     4. Good documentation


     1. Limited support

     2. Few offline capabilities

07. PayU

PayU online payment gateway in india
PayU – Best Online Payment Gateway in India

PayU is also one of the largest online payment gateways in India. Offers services across payment processing, merchant solutions, and consumer credit. Integrates with over 350 partners and supports multiple local and international payment options.  

Key Highlights

     1. Robust infrastructure

     2. Good documentation  

     3. 24/7 support

     4. Multiple payment options


     1. Expensive solution

     2. Complex setup

     3. Limited customisation

08. Bill Desk

Bill Desk online payment gateway in india
Bill Desk – Best Online Gateway in India

Bill Desk is one of the oldest payment gateways in India powering payments for over 100 banks and 70+ e-commerce merchants. It supports card payments, net banking, wallets and also provides a B2B payment platform. Offers value-added services like EMI, cashbacks etc. 

Key Highlights

     1. Robust infrastructure

     3. Good customer support


     1. Expensive solution

     2. Complex setup process

09. M2P

M2P online payment gateway in India
M2P – Best Online Payment Gateway in India

M2P Fintech is a global payments infrastructure provider powering transactions by offering payment gateway infrastructure and processing services. M2P Provides APIs for easy integration and customisable payment flows. Supports major payment methods and also offers value-added services.

Key Highlights

  1. Robust payment infrastructure
  2. Secure transactions
  3. Flexible APIs


  1. Expensive for small businesses
  2. Limited support

10. Ippopay

Ippopay online payment gateway in india
Ippopay – Best Online Payment Gateway in India

Ippopay is focused on providing payment infrastructure for SMEs and startups. Offers simple integration and quick disbursals along with 24/7 support. Supports major debit and credit cards as well as net banking for online transactions.

Key Highlights

  1. Offers payment gateway integrated with multiple options
  2. Facilitates seamless digital transactions  
  3. Flexible pricing models
  4. Fast onboarding process
  5. Multi-channel support


  1. Smaller network compared to others
  2. Limited customisation options
  3. Poor customer support response times

How to Choose the Right Payment Gateway Provider for Your Business 

best online payment gateway in india
Best Online Payment Gateway in India

Choosing a payment gateway is an important decision for any business that accepts online or card payments. Here are some key factors when selecting a payment gateway:

Cost & Budget

When selecting a payment gateway provider, cost encompasses not only the setup and transaction fees but also any hidden charges and long-term costs. It’s crucial to consider how the pricing structure aligns with your business’s sales volume and profit margins.

Evaluate the setup fees, monthly or annual fees, and transaction fees of different gateways to find the most cost-effective option based on your payment volume. A cost-effective solution can significantly impact your bottom line, freeing up resources for business growth and innovation.  

Payment Methods Supported 

The payment gateway determines the range of payment options your business can offer to customers, impacting their convenience and satisfaction. From credit/debit cards to digital wallets and UPI, diverse payment methods cater to varied customer preferences, potentially boosting sales. 

Make sure the gateway supports the major credit and debit cards and emerging payment options like digital wallets that your customers may use. Choosing a provider that supports a wide array of payment methods ensures broader customer outreach and enhanced conversion rates.  

Security Certifications

When selecting a payment gateway provider, consider their security certifications. This ensures they adhere to industry-standard security practices, safeguarding your business and customers from cyber threats. 

Look for certifications like PCI DSS, ensuring secure handling of sensitive data. These certifications signal a provider’s commitment to data protection, reassuring your customers and boosting your business’s credibility in the ever-evolving digital landscape.  

Payment Gateway Integration

Integration refers to how well the gateway can seamlessly connect with your business’s existing systems, such as e-commerce platforms or point-of-sale systems. A smooth integration process ensures minimal disruption to your operations and enhances the overall customer experience. 

Consider the ease of integrating the gateway with your website or apps via APIs, plugins or SDKs, and any third-party systems you use. Smooth integration leads to happy customers and efficient operations!  

Customer Support 

Customer Support is a crucial factor when selecting the right payment gateway. Reliable 24/7 support is important in case of issues or if you need help with setup, integrations or usage. Responsive and reliable customer support ensures quick resolution of payment-related issues, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.


Features encompass crucial offerings like multiple payment options, seamless integration, robust security, fraud prevention, recurring billing, and multi-currency support. 

These features ensure a frictionless payment experience for customers while providing you with the flexibility to cater to diverse transaction needs, ultimately boosting sales and customer satisfaction.  


A solid reputation signifies reliability, secure transactions, and positive user experiences, instilling confidence in your customers. Read reviews and check if the gateway has a good reputation for reliability, uptime and customer satisfaction.

Thoroughly evaluating your business needs along with the above factors will help you select the most suitable payment gateway to process payments efficiently and securely.

Did you know?

Best Online Payment Gateway for Business in India, 2024

BrandsIntegrationCustomer SupportTransaction feeAmount Credit TimeSetup CostScaleSupporting Payment Options
NTT DATA Payment ServicesSeamless Integration with multiple platforms via APIs24×7 customer support1.9% + GSTT+1 & T+2 DaysModerate feeMedium and Large Scale BusinessesSupports cards, UPI, wallets, net banking, EMI and cash. It also supports international transactions
Zaak PayProvides custom APIs/SDKs for seamless integration.24×7 customer supportNo feeT+1 daysNo setup costSmall scale BusinessFewer Payment Options
e-paisaIntegrates with multiple e-commerce platforms and custom APIsLimited Support1.75% + GST24hrsModerate CostSME BusinessesAccepts cards, UPI, wallets, net banking, EMI and cash.
Direct PayIntegrates with all major platforms via APIs/SDKs.24×7 customer support1.99% + GST. 24hrsNo setup costSmall, Medium and Large Sclae BusinessesSupports all major payment modes including UPI, wallets, cards, net banking, EMI etc
Citrus PayIntegrates with all major platformsGood Support1.75% + GSTT+1 daysModerate CostMedium and Large Scale BusinessesSupports all major debit/credit cards, UPI, wallets & net banking.

Does not support cash or EM Imethods
CashfeeComplex APIs and plugins for quick integrationLimited Support1.75% + GSTT+2Zero setup costSME BusinessesSupports all major payment modes including international options
Pay UComplex integration and API setupGood Support1.9% + GST24 hrsCostlyMedium and Large Scale BusinessesSupports 150+ online payment methods across India and international markets.
Bill DeskLimited Integration with major platforms through APIs and custom solutions. Good Support1.8% + GSTT+4Moderate CostSME BusinessesAccepts cards, UPI, wallets, netbanking, EMI and more.
M2PSeamless Integration with multiple platforms via APIsLimited Support1.5% + GSTT+1 & T+2 DaysCostlyLarge Scale BusinessesSupports over 150 payment options across 60+ countries.
Ippo PaySeamless Integration with multiple platforms via APIsLimited Support1.9% + GST24 hrsCostlySME BusinessesSupports debit/credit cards, UPI, netbanking and wallets.

If you are looking for the best payment gateway solution that can complete all your business needs, I would recommend NTT DATA Payment services. You can take a look at their latest features and pricing models here.

Secure Your Seamless Online Payments

As e-commerce continues to boom in India, the demand for secure and reliable payment solutions has never been greater. After an in-depth look at the top payment gateways powering digital transactions across the country.  

NTT DATA Payment Services is set apart because it can go beyond basic online payment processing. The company caters to online and offline payment needs with offerings like mobile POS, IVR payments, bulk disbursals, and more. It also provides value-added services like customised EMI options, advanced fraud prevention and real-time reporting tools.

Benefits of Payment Gateway For Your E-commerce / Online Business

benefits of online payment gateway in india
Benefits of Online Payment Gateway in India

Implementing an online payment processing system through a payment gateway provider offers several key benefits for businesses:

  • Increased Conversions: Accepting online payments makes it easier for customers to complete purchases, driving higher conversion rates. 
  • Wider Reach: Customers can pay through various payment options like cards, net banking, wallets, etc.
  • Enhanced Security: Reputable gateways securely store payment information to reduce the risk of fraud or data breaches.
  • Automated Workflows: Payment processing is streamlined through automated settlement, reconciliation and refund workflows.
  • Actionable Insights: Comprehensive reporting and analytics help optimise processes and make data-driven business decisions. 
  • Flexible Integrations: Gateways integrate easily with e-commerce platforms, accounting software and other systems for a seamless experience.
  • Faster Payouts: Funds are settled into merchant accounts faster than traditional payment modes.

Implementing a suitable payment gateway solution thus helps businesses scale securely while providing a better customer experience.   

Choosing the Best Payment Gateway for Your Business

choose online payment gateway in india
Choose Online Payment Gateway in India

As we all know, The Indian online payment industry is growing at a rapid pace, driven by increasing digital adoption. The top payment gateways discussed offer robust and secure solutions to facilitate seamless online transactions.

With the continued support of the government and RBI through initiatives like UPI, the digital payments industry is set for exponential growth in the coming years.   

Online Payment Gateways in India FAQs

What are some popular payment gateways in India?  

NTT DATA Payment Services, Citrus Pay, Bill Desk, M2P & Ippo Pay are popular options. They support multiple payment methods.   

What is a payment gateway?  

A payment gateway is an online platform that allows merchants to accept electronic payments for online transactions. It acts as an intermediary between merchants and financial institutions to facilitate secure payment processing.

How does a payment gateway work?

It works by securely transmitting payment details from customers to acquiring banks and enables authorisation and settlement of transactions between issuing and acquiring banks. 

What are the main elements in a payment gateway?

The main elements are the merchant, customer, acquiring bank, issuing bank, payment gateway and payment processor. 

How does it benefit merchants?  

It allows merchants to accept online payments securely and conveniently. It also provides features like recurring payments, refunds, etc.

Is payment data secured on gateways?

Yes, payment gateways ensure data security through encryption, tokenisation and adherence to PCI DSS standards. This protects sensitive financial information.

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