60+ Simple Blouse Back Design Ideas (Silk, Cotton)

Are you a saree connoisseur, a fashion designer, or just someone seeking inspiration for simple blouse back designs for your next big event? If so, you’ve arrived at the perfect place.

We’ve compiled together a list of 60+ simple blouse back designs that are trendy, fashionable, and extremely gorgeous for all your traditional designs as well as cotton sarees. From open backs with doris to a high neck with potlis, we’ve got you covered.

But before we jump into this amazing list of simple blouse back design, let us first learn a little bit more about how blouse styles have evolved over the decades and the many different varieties that they come in today.


Evolution of Blouses Over the Decades

Evolution of Blouses

Have you ever wondered when blouses were conceptualized and made for the very first time? Or what materials did our ancestors use to make them, or the designs and styles which gained popularity thousands of years ago?

Blouses or ‘Cholis’ are believed to have come into existence between the 2nd Century BC and 6th Century AD, as can be seen on the beautiful sculptures that adorn the temple walls from this time period. Since then, blouses have gone through several evolutionary stages before becoming what they are today.

Evolutions were triggered by multiple different reasons, during the time of the Gupta Empire, Silk or muslin fabrics were decorated with delicate and elegant embroidery to create a blouse that varied in length. This was a symbol of craftsmanship, luxury, art, and culture, whereas, during the Chola dynasty, blouses were long pieces of uncut fabric that were wrapped around the cleavage for modesty, and comfort, and also to protect oneself from harsh weather conditions.

Then we have the ‘Kanchuka’ style of blouses popularized by the Vijayanagar empire which is similar to the structured blouses we have today, and the long sleeves closed back and a high neck style that was popularized by the Mughals. Each design comes with its unique set of stories and other-worldly charm that leaves you awestruck at the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating them.

Today, the possibilities with a blouse back design are endless. From more traditional designs like covered backs, full sleeves, and tightly tailored tops to more fusion garments, modern, and contemporary pieces, we’ve come a very long way.

Different Types of Blouse Back Designs

There’s a diverse range of options when it comes to blouse back designs, each with its unique charm and appeal that will make the wearer feel beautiful. Whether you prefer more simplistic designs, intricate yet delicate ones, or a fusion of different styles, there’s a design to suit all your moods.

1. Keyhole Backs Blouse Back Design

Keyhole Backs Blouse Back Design

These types of blouses feature a small and elegant keyhole-shaped cutout that adds charm and allure to your more traditional outfits. These designs are extremely versatile ranging from small delicate openings to more elaborate patterns that come together beautifully, making them suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

2. Sheer Panel Blouse Back Design

Sheer Panel Blouse Back Design

Sheer panel backs have gained popularity for their ethereal and romantic appeal and their ability to transform even the simplest of designs into a gorgeous look. Delicate net or lace panels are aesthetically placed, adding a subtle hint of sensuality while still maintaining an elegant look.

3. Button Closure Blouse Back Design

Button Closure Blouse Back Design

These blouse backs exude a vintage charm that comes with a high neck, closed back, and full sleeves. They feature a horizontal or vertical row of buttons that run across the back, creating a sophisticated and timeless appeal.

4. Open Back Blouse Design

Open Back Blouse Design

Open backs have become more common in recent years due to the free-spirited and youthful nature of such designs. They generally consist of wide cutouts in the back and come in various shapes and sizes, making the design young and playful with sensual appeal.

Now that we have a better understanding of the basic styles of blouses and the features they come with.

60 Simple Blouse Back Designs for Cotton, Silk & Tradition Saree

Let us now explore 60+ varieties of simple blouse back design ideas that will leave you feeling inspired.

1. Giant Bow

Giant Bow blouse back design

Looking for a simple blouse-back design that’s trendy yet unique? Then this big bow detail with a tear-drop cutout checks all the boxes! This design is perfect for both traditional and modern looks, and will surely be a highlight of your pictures.

2. Simple criss-cross design

Simple criss-cross design blouse back

This criss-cross back is a super chic and elegant way of dressing up a rather simple blouse with minimal details. It adds an element of fun and playfulness making this ideal for someone who wants something safe while still stepping out of their comfort zones.

3. Elegant knot

Elegant knot blouse back design

Do you have a cocktail event that you’re looking forward to attending? Then this simple yet extremely elegant back blouse design is ideal for that. The gorgeous wide-open back with the tying detail at the bottom is both chic and timeless and will compliment your outfit just the right way.

4. Minimal design with circular motifs

Minimal design with circular motifs blouse back

Delicate circular motifs are placed across the back, creating a simple and minimal look, perfect for all occasions! This design makes a stylish statement with clean lines and subtle patterns that come together to create an effortless and charming look.

5. Mix-and-Match Handloom design

Mix-and-Match Handloom blouse back design

This blouse is a fashion-forward choice that will allow you to express your individuality and unique style with every wear. The circular cutouts and tying details create a vintage look that is beautifully complimented by traditional motifs and patterns, making this a perfect casual design for your everyday needs.

6. Elegant Bow and Tassels

Elegant Bow and Tassels blouse back design

We did the big bow, but if that’s too much for your style, then why not opt for this elegant bow detail with tassels and an embroidered panel. A fusion of tradition and modern coming together to create a seamless and eye-catching look!

7. Low V with a tiny knot

Low V with a tiny knot blouse back design

Looking for something a little simple yet romantic? Then this low V with a tying detail is all the rage! The deep V back makes this a very stylish back blouse design and the tying detail adds a touch of grace and elegance making this a perfect choice for a more modern look.

8. Dual Pattern back

Dual Pattern back blouse design

Looking for something a little more trendy and feminine? Then this bow illusion back blouse design is for you! The delicate bows and a stylish cut-out make this design super elegant and the silver beaded tassels add a touch of rustic charm.

9. Revealing back with cap sleeves

Revealing back with cap sleeves blouse back design

If you’re looking for a back blouse design that doesn’t take away from your gorgeous saree and want to keep it subtle and simple, then this one’s for you! The broad open back adds a beautiful symmetry which is complimented well by the potli tassels and cap sleeves.

10. Round back with fabric tassels

Less is more, and this timeless back blouse design is the perfect example of that. The circular open cutout with elegant piping and statement fabric tassels create a wonderful fusion of details fit for the temple and a special wedding.

11. Elaborate pattern with cutwork

If your blouse fabric is elaborate and eye-catching, it’s always a good idea to tone down the design elements for the back of your blouse, and this stylish back blouse design is an example of how to do just that! The leaf cutwork and the simple thread tassels make this a great component that will elevate your saree or lehenga to the next level.

12. Block patterns and keyholes

If you’re looking for something solid and muted yet extremely elegant, then this simple back blouse design is for you! The tear-drop cutout with a solid panel at the bottom of the blouse provides coverage while still keeping the design very appealing and likable. The button detail that runs vertically with the solid panel is truly a small but eye-catching detail.

13. Upside-Down and asymmetry

This trendy back blouse design is a fun take on symmetry and block patterns and will leave you feeling like a million bucks! A brilliant fusion of modern and traditional details allows you to mix and match patterns you love and create something unique to your style. The closed upper back beautifully juxtaposed by the open bottom back is a fun element that is further enhanced by vertical potli buttons and fine thread strings and tassels.

14. Keyhole patterns and long tassels

This back blouse design is a simple yet very stylish pattern with minimal criss-cross detail and long elegant, layered tassels that add to the simplistic beauty of this piece. The fine thread and tassels weave a story of elegance and grace, making this a perfect design for all your festive needs!

15. Square back with delicate details

Do you want to experiment with the shape of your cutouts while keeping the rest of the design simple? Then this trendy back blouse design is perfect for you! The delicate stone and crystal back strap with a cute tying detail elevate the simple square back and take it to a whole other level, making this blouse perfect for all events and occasions.

16. Square back with traditional beading

If square backs are your thing and want to experiment with them a little, then why not opt for this simple yet trendy back blouse design? The delicate gold beads cover the entire edge of the cutout giving it a luxurious yet polished look, and the minimal details at the back add to the overall appeal of this design.

17. Covered back with elongated keyhole

If you’re looking for a back design that’s trendy and unique, a design that’s not extremely open, then this one’s for you! This simple back blouse design’s focal point is the eye-shaped cutout in the back that ties together with the classic fabric tassels, a simple yet very classy look for all your festive needs.

18. Minimal back with statement tassels

If you’re looking for something a little different but not completely out of the box, then this one’s for you! The beautiful round cutout is jazzed up with a crystal trim adding a touch of royalty and elegance to the design. Let’s not miss the beautiful petal-shaped tassels! They add a unique charm to this stylish back blouse design that will surely leave you feeling extra special for your event.

19. Simple back with a V

Looking for a design that you could perhaps wear to the office or a small intimate occasion? A design that is comfortable yet fashionable? Then this super fashionable back blouse design is what you’re looking for! The V-shaped cutout is a perfect balance between formal yet stylish and the little tying detail at the bottom adds that extra touch of charm.

20. Covered back with minimal keyholes and ball motifs

If you’re looking for a design that is more covered at the back but still wishes to create a peek-a-boo look, then this one’s for you! The high neck with a covered back makes this design perfect for more conventional events while the small semi-circular cutouts that run diagonally throughout the back allow you to add a bit of elegance, and the potli buttons beautifully complement all the elements, creating a finished and gorgeous look!

21. Wide Open back with Flower Tassels

By experimenting with tassels, you can add so much style and creativity to your back design and truly transform it into a rare gem, and this trendy back blouse design is a perfect example of that! The minimal open back with gorgeous flower tassels creates a creative look that is further enhanced by the gold ornaments and simple details.

22. Diamond Back with Buttons

Diamondback Back cutout is a timeless and extremely classic design that will never be out of trend. So if you’re looking for ways to switch it up in simple and minimalist ways, then this super trendy back blouse design is for you! The delicate potli buttons add a touch of old-school charm to this design elevating the entire look.

23. U-cutout blouse with Potli Buttons

This is yet another example of how by switching up little details, you can create a whole different look that’s not only unique but also extremely beautiful. The horizontal U-curved cutout is paired with the delicate contrasting potli buttons, making this an extremely fashionable back blouse design fit for a close wedding or even a graduation!

24. Cutout back with gold ornaments

If you want to transform your blouse and elevate it without spending too much money or time, then this design is perfect for you. The elegant back cutout is enhanced by the beautiful ornaments that hang all over the back, making this trendy back blouse design fit for a very special day!

25. High neck back with Potli buttons and pearl details

This high-neck blouse is a very elegant and royal take on more traditional designs. The window-style cutouts at the back that latch onto the delicate gold potli buttons with the pearl overlay around the neck make this design super fashionable with a hint of tradition and culture.

26. Trendy cutout with gold trims

You can get as creative and as elaborate with your designs as you want, and this gorgeous back blouse design is an example of just that. The pleated panel on one side and the cross plain panel on the other which are beautifully connected with a giant potli button and an angular strip of fabric create a beautiful harmony of details which are further enhanced by the beautiful gold trim that finishes off the entire look.

27. Elegant cutout with designer motifs

Looking for a more youthful and funky blouse design? Then this heart motif one is ideal for you. A plain back blouse with elegant and delicate heart motifs that are sewn along the rim of the cutout and are finished off with small little gold beads at the corner of the heart, make this a super trendy and creative look.

28. Medium neck with dual diamond cutout

This double diamond cutout is a very minimal yet elegant back blouse design that will complement any saree or lehenga and help create a very graceful look. The button details on the diamonds add some old-school charm to the design and create a beautiful symphony.

29. Patterned cutout with sheer net

 Looking for a more modern and princess-style design that will leave everyone amazed? Then this simple yet extremely gorgeous back blouse design is for you. The curved motif cutout with gold piping and a sheer net covering the whole back is the perfect fusion of more modern and delicate elements making this perfect for all events and occasions.

30. Net cutout with potli buttons

Looking for something a little formal yet very elegant? Then this fashionable back blouse design is for you. The wide open back is covered by a darker-colored net with a strip of buttons that run vertically on your back, creating a magnificent design that’ll elevate any saree to the next level.

31. Unique and trendy cutout with folk art motifs

This patchwork tying detail complemented by an abstract geometrical cutout is all the rage and transforms a simple back blouse into a statement piece!

32. Diamondback cutout with embroidery detailing

If you love a diamond cutout then why not try this embroidered back design? The elegant shape of the cutout is further enhanced by the subtle floral embroidery making this a royal yet simple design for all your festive and celebratory needs.

33. Heart cutout with elegant piping

If you’ve already explored square, rectangle, U-shaped, and circular cutouts at the back, then a heart-shaped cutout might be worth trying. It’s an extremely low effort yet beautifying detail that can transform a blouse in little to no time!

34. Drop-shape cutout with elegant potlis

Looking for something new and trendy? This super stylish back blouse design is for you. The tear-drop cutout with beautiful potli buttons placed inward that extend over to the side to create an abstract pattern is super eye-catching!

35. Open back with an elegant key ring design

Looking for new and unique ways to updo a simple back blouse? Then this design is for you. The gold ornamental bangle creates the illusion of a giant ring holding the ends of the blouse together, making this a gorgeous and elegant look for both traditional and fun events!

36. Close back with potli buttons

Looking for more coverage at the back but still want to keep it playful? Then this super youthful and folk-inspired back blouse design is for you! The covered upper back with a vertical strip of buttons is beautifully complemented by an open lower back with tying details transforming this simple blouse into a visual masterpiece.

37. Layered Back cut out with patterns

Why settle for less when you can do more. This abstract superimposed back is the perfect example of just that! The crisscross back is layered with an open square cutout creating a unique and extremely fashionable moment that is bound to set you apart from the rest.

38. Wide open back with tassels and tie-ups

This gorgeous back blouse design with a wide open back, hanging ornaments, and elegant tassels is a fashion statement to say the least. It’s a perfect fusion of delicate elements like a closed upper back and potli tassels that are offset by bolder choices like an open lower back and thin tying details, that all come together seamlessly to create one breathtaking visual!

39. Closed back with keyhole and potli buttons

Looking for a fusion design that is unique yet simple? Then this fashionable back design is for you. The curved cutout with a button panel running vertically is an elegant take on a wide back cutout that’s further enhanced by small and delicate potlis that are placed on the curve, all weaving an interesting and fascinating look!

40. Elegant open back with minimal fabric tassels

Nothing could get more simpler and elegant than a plain hook cutout with triangular tassels, all details and elements are minimal on their own, but come together effortlessly to create one absolutely gorgeous masterpiece!

41. Large open cutout with layered tie-ups

Are you looking for a design that is elegant, simple, yet stylish? Then this elaborate criss-cross tying design is for you! The gorgeous curved cutout at the back that is held together by numerous strings gives you coverage without making it seem too traditional or closed off. The bunch of tassels at the bottom build on to the complexity illusion of this piece and allows you to create a fashion moment with this back blouse design.

42. Graceful cutout with organza knot

Nothing can exude more elegance and grace than a beautiful organza tying detail at the back of this blouse design. The design is made up of a simple triangular cutout that’s held together by the organza strip, making this the perfect choice for a memorable graduation party or even a special cocktail!

43. Criss-cross cut out with tying thread

Looking for something bold yet elegant? Then this trendy back blouse design is for you! The broad panels laid in criss-cross offer coverage while the thin thread at the bottom adds a bit of femininity and elegance making this a gorgeous fashion statement for all your saree needs.

44. Inverted Jacket style blouse

If you wish to experiment with cutouts and panels, then this jacket-style back blouse design is perfect for you! The open jacket cutout at the back, the embroidered detailing along the edges of the panel, and a delicate string detail at the bottom creates a beautiful fusion of modern and traditional elements making this a gorgeous addition to your ethnic dress!

45. Corset tie-up design with beautiful potli buttons

This corset-inspired back blouse design is a beautiful fusion of Western and Eastern elements that all come together seamlessly to create a magnificent look! The tying pattern forms the focal point of this design and helps create the illusion of a corset while the delicate and intricately placed potli buttons bring in the easter flavor, making this a modern and fashionable style statement.

46. Open back with trendy cutouts

If you wish to experiment with the shape of your cutouts and back panels, then the possibilities are endless. This super simple yet absolutely gorgeous back design is a concoction of delicate cutouts, tying details, and traditional tassels that come together to create an elegant and chic look!

47. Illusion back with a fusion cutout

If you’re looking for a back blouse design that will  make you stand out in a crowd, then this one’s for you! The bold open back, diagonal panels that overlap, and a minimal criss-cross thread detail create a fashion statement like no other. This is a perfect example of how one can create something totally new and exciting by mixing and matching elements that are more traditional and common.

48. V cut with ruffles

Looking for ways to add a feminine touch to your blouse? Then why not opt for this ruffle detail! The wide V cutout at the back with a trim of complimentary ruffles creates a look that is elegant, graceful, and eye-catching.

49. Close back with lotus cutout

By experimenting with the shape of your cutouts, you stand a chance to create something fashionable and unique and this back blouse design is an example of that! The lotus shaped cutout at the back adds a bold yet elegant statement to the blouse making it the perfect choice for both formal and informal events.

50. Wide open back with pearl strings

Nothing can be more mesmerizing and romantic than this wide open back with pearl details! If you have a special event around the corner, and are looking for ways to transform your existing blouse or get one made from scratch in little to no time, then this one’s for you. The elegant pearl strings that adorn the back add royalty and elegance, and help transform the entire look in mere seconds!

51. Horizontal cutout with elegant strips

Looking for a design that threads on the border bold yet sophisticated? Then this one’s for you! The wide open square back with thin panels running horizontally across the back, make this a perfect choice for all types of events and gatherings.

52. Solid back cutout with ruffle patterns

Ruffles are a great addition to any blouse and instantly transform the look and feel of the outfit. This elegant and solid open back is blended perfectly with the ruffled panels running horizontally across the lower back creating elegance and femininity, making this a wonderful choice for someone looking for something a little girly yet very fashionable!

53. Open back with ruching and flower tassels

Ruffles, bows, and flower tassels, all fuse together seamlessly in this super elegant back blouse design and help create a look that feels straight out of an epic movie! The gorgeous rose tassels, elegant and minimal gold bow, and polished ruching transform this simple look into a visual masterpiece.

54. Open back with a V- peplum

If ruffles are not your thing but you still like the idea of them, then why not opt for this peplum-inspired pleated back panel? The deep V cut, with beautifully placed pleats, makes this back blouse design sophisticated, elegant, and super classy!

55. Fairytale style with open back, ruffles, and flower tassels

Looking for a blouse design that’ll make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale? Then this fashionable back blouse design is for you! The elegant ruffles all around the wide open back, criss-cross threaded panel at the bottom, and two layers of flower tassels weave a story of beauty, grace, and fairytale charm!

56. Open side back with a solid center panel

There’s a lot that you can create by just experimenting with the shape, size, and placement of your back panels, and this trendy back blouse design is an example of that. A symmetrical solid panel at the center that’s stitched together beautifully with a bottom panel creates a bold and sophisticated look!

57. Elegant back with asymmetrical cutout

Looking for a back blouse design that is modern, trendy, and unique? Then this asymmetrical open-back cutout is for you! The wide angular cutout with delicate embroidery and a tiny tying detail at the bottom create a look of grace, elegance, and mesmerizing beauty.

58. Semi-open back with ornamental cutout

A high neck with wide open panels that all come together with a single tying detail is the highlight of this gorgeous back blouse design. This design allows you to breathe and move with elegance and the stone-studded ornamental tassels add charm and beauty to this piece.

59. Open back with string details

Are you in search of a back design that is more youthful, modern, and fashionable? Then this minimal coverage, string detail design is for you! The beautiful trims are used to create a delicate pattern at the back which is further enhanced by elongated threads with no tassels for a simple and chic look!

60. Semi-open back with aesthetic cutout

Looking for a design that is more organic and free-flowing? Then this lace cutwork back blouse design is what you’re looking for. The cutout follows the natural shape and design of the lace creating a raw finish that adds to the rustic charm of this style, which is further complemented beautifully by the high, closed neck.

61. Halter top with elegant string detail

Are you in search of a back blouse design that is fit for a happening cocktail event? Then this halter-back design is for you! The halter neck blouse with a delicate string detail and tassels at the top and a beautiful bow detail at the bottom seamlessly blends together modern and traditional elements making it perfect for a modern and contemporary event!


With this, we come to the end of our list of simple yet super trendy blouse back designs that will surely add sparkle to your outfit. From more simplistic and casual designs to more delicate and artistic ones, we covered a wide range of patterns, styles, and aesthetics that should give you a little peek inside the world of traditional fashion and open you to the world of creativity and ancient artistry.

From timeless classics to contemporary trends, these blouse back designs represent how Indian fashion has evolved over the decades, and through this, we hope to equip you with valuable insights into the rich history of blouses and the continuous innovation that has shaped these styles you see before you today.

No matter the occasion, there is a design on this list that will appeal to your sense of fashion and allow you to create something that will make you feel like a million bucks.

Simple Blouse Back Designs FAQs

1. Are simple blouse back designs suitable for all body types?

Absolutely! One of the main advantages of simple blouse back designs is the flexibility and customization that they come with. You can experiment with as many different necklines, cutouts, or additional details and elements like buttons, tassels, potlis, brocades, embroidery,  bows, or tie-ups to add a personal touch and make the design uniquely yours.

2. Can I pair simple blouse back designs with different types of sarees?

Yes, of course, they can be paired with a wide range of sarees. They complement both traditional and contemporary saree styles and even go well with fusion clothes like ethnic print pants, skirts, and trousers. They allow you to create a very cohesive and balanced ensemble for all your events and occasions.

3. How do you find references for simple blouse back designs?

Online sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Google would be great places to get started with your research and start curating a mood board with everything you like. You can also talk to your friends and family and take suggestions from them. You can also approach your local expert tailors and request to see their portfolios and catalogs to better gauge your likes and preferences before finalizing a design.

4. When can you wear simple blouse back designs?

These styles and designs are generally worn for more casual, semi-formal, and intimate events. Some prefer wearing it to their places of work, while others prefer a more subtle look for their weddings. So, there is no right or wrong place when it comes to where you need to wear them. As long as you feel beautiful you can wear them anywhere you wish to.

5. How do you identify the right designer for creating your simple back blouse?

Talk to your friends and family for references on someone that they constantly go back to for good quality work and check out the recommended designer. You can also search online for designers with good reviews and listen to what the online community is saying about their work before you finalize them. You can also walk-in to your local tailoring shops and ask them for their portfolio of work or any blouses that they are creating for a different client to get an understanding of what they do and how they do it.

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