Top 10 Trampoline Parks in Delhi with Photos & Ticket Price

Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi, Woop Trampoline Park, Puno and Bounce are some of the best trampoline parks in Delhi for adults and kids.

Delhi is one of the amazing places in India that offers amazing entertainment options for its residents and visitors alike. Among the many fun activities that have gained popularity in recent years, trampoline parks are an exciting and wholesome way to have fun while staying active.

Trampoline Park Delhi
Trampoline Park Delhi

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 trampoline parks in Delhi, photos, reviews, addresses, ticket prices, and everything you need to know to have a bouncing good time.

Before we see the list of 10 best trampoline parks in Delhi, let’s discuss how to choose the best trampoline park.

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How to Choose The Best Trampoline Park

Choosing the best trampoline park in Delhi can be an exciting but important decision to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. To help you make the right choice, consider the following factors:

how to choose trampoline parks in delhi
Choosing Best Trampoline Parks in Delhi


Select a trampoline park that is conveniently located for you and your group. Check if it’s easily accessible from your home or other destinations you frequently visit.

Safety Measures

Safety should be your top priority. Look for a park that takes safety seriously by having trained staff, well-maintained equipment, safety guidelines, and safety features such as padding, safety nets, and first aid facilities.

Age and Skill Level

Consider the age and skill levels of the participants. Some trampoline parks in Delhi offer activities for all ages and skill levels, while others may cater to specific groups, such as children, adults, or athletes.

Activities Offered

Determine what activities the trampoline park in Delhi offers. Popular options include freestyle jumping, dodgeball, basketball dunking, foam pits, and obstacle courses. Choose a park that offers activities that interest you or your group.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

A clean and well-maintained facility is essential for a pleasant experience. Read reviews or visit the park in advance to gauge their cleanliness standards.

Reviews and Recommendations

Check online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends, family, or social media groups. Real customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the park’s quality, safety, and customer service.

Ticket Price and Packages

Compare the entry fees and packages offered by different trampoline parks in Delhi. Some parks may offer discounts for group bookings, birthday parties, or special events. Consider your budget and the value you get for your money.

Booking Process

Ensure that the park’s booking process is straightforward and user-friendly. Online booking options can save you time and help you secure your slot in advance, especially during busy hours.

Facilities and Amenities

Evaluate the additional facilities and amenities available at the park. This may include seating areas, snack bars, lockers, and party rooms for special occasions.

Customer Service

Friendly and helpful staff can enhance your overall experience. Reach out to the park’s customer service for any inquiries or concerns to gauge their responsiveness and professionalism.

Special Events and Promotions

Some trampoline parks in Delhi host special events, promotions, or themed nights. Check if there are any upcoming events that align with your interests.

Rules and Regulations

Familiarize yourself with the park’s rules and regulations, including height and weight restrictions, dress code, and waiver requirements. Ensure that you and your group comply with these rules for safety and enjoyment.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Delhi for Adults and Kids

By considering these factors and conducting some research, you can confidently choose the best trampoline park in Delhi that aligns with your preferences and provides a fun and safe experience for everyone involved.

1. SkyJumper Trampoline Park Delhi

SkyJumper Trampoline Park Delhi
SkyJumper Trampoline Park Delhi

SkyJumper Trampoline Park Delhi is one of the best amusement parks for family entertainment, with more than 30,000 reviews by customers. This is the biggest trampoline park in and around Delhi with 15000 Sqft. Apart from the Trampolines, you can play games like Basket Ball Slam Dunk, Wipe Out, Volleyball, Rope Hang, Wall climb, Balance Beam, Wall walk and many more.

Ticket Price: Starts at INR 450 for 30 mins. 

Address: SkyJumper Trampoline Park Inside Adventure Island, Metro Walk Mall, Sector 10, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi 110085

Opening Time:

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Sunday10:30 am10 pm
Monday11:30 am10 pm
Tuesday11:30 am10 pm
Webnesday11:30 am10 pm
Thursday11:30 am10 pm
Friday11:30 am10 pm
Saturday10:30 am10 pm

Phone: 08882288001

Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi Photos

Find some of the amazing photos of skyjumper trampoline park Delhi below. Let me if I missed your favourite one.

2. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a haven for thrill-seekers and fitness enthusiasts alike. With a range of activities such as freestyle jumping, dodgeball, and foam pit diving, it offers something for everyone. The park’s state-of-the-art facilities and friendly staff ensure a memorable experience.

Address: DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida

Entry Fee: Starting from INR 599

3. Jumpin Heights

While not in Delhi itself, Jumpin Heights in Rishikesh is worth the drive for adventure enthusiasts. Known for its bungee jumping, it also features a trampoline section that guarantees an exhilarating experience.

Address: Aravalli Road, Village Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh

Entry Fee: Starting from INR 1000

4. Trampoline Park India

Trampoline Park India, located in the heart of Rohini, offers a variety of trampolining activities suitable for all ages. The park’s clean and well-maintained environment is perfect for family outings.

Address: Fun City Mall, Prashant Vihar, Rohini

Entry Fee: Starting from INR 500

5. Flip Out India

Flip Out India is known for its high-quality trampolines and professional instructors. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trampolinist, this place has something for you. The foam pit and wall-running sections are particularly popular among visitors.

Address: Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Entry Fee: Starting from INR 350

6. Play Arena

Play Arena in Gurgaon boasts an extensive trampoline park along with other sports and recreational activities. The spacious layout ensures that you’ll have ample room to practice your jumps and flips.

Address: Sector 57, Gurgaon

Entry Fee: Starting from INR 699

7. Just Jump Trampoline Park

Just Jump Trampoline Park offers an affordable and enjoyable trampoline experience. With well-padded surfaces and attentive staff, safety is a top priority here.

Address: Mayur Vihar, Phase 1, Delhi

Entry Fee: Starting from INR 350

8. Funcity

Funcity in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, features a dedicated trampoline section alongside other amusement rides. It’s an ideal spot for families and children looking to spend a day of fun.

Address: Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

Entry Fee: Starting from INR 200

9. The FunBox

The FunBox in Dwarka combines trampolining with other recreational activities like laser tag and soft play. It’s a fantastic choice for a full day of family-friendly entertainment.

Address: Dwarka, Delhi

Entry Fee: Starting from INR 499

10. Smash

Smash at Select Citywalk Mall in Saket is famous for its vibrant atmosphere and neon-lit trampoline area. It’s a hotspot for teenagers and young adults looking for a unique experience.

Address: Select Citywalk, Saket, Delhi

Entry Fee: Starting from INR 500

11. MojoLand

MojoLand in Gurgaon offers a variety of outdoor and indoor attractions, including trampolining. The park’s lush green surroundings and well-maintained trampolines make it a great place to unwind.

Address: Sector 29, Gurgaon

Entry Fee: Starting from INR 350


Delhi’s trampoline parks provide a thrilling escape from the daily grind while promoting fitness and fun. From Sky Zone’s expansive trampoline offerings to the neon-lit Smash, there’s something for every taste and age group.

So, whether you’re a seasoned trampolinist or a first-time jumper, these top 10 trampoline parks in Delhi promise an exhilarating experience that’s sure to leave you bouncing with joy.

Grab your friends and family, and head to one of these fantastic trampoline parks for an unforgettable adventure!

Trampoline Park Delhi FAQs

What is the best trampoline park in Delhi?

Skyjumper Trampoline Park is the only famous trampoline park in and around Delhi with excellant reviews and ratings.

What is the skyjumper trampoline park delhi ticket price?

Skyjumper trampoline park delhi ticket price starts from INR 450 for 30 mins and it goes upto INR 2200.

What is the reviews for skyjumper trampoline park delhi?

Skyjumper trampoline park delhi has more than 30000+ Google reviews and 300+ Facebook reviews with average ratings of 4.9.

Can you share few skyjumper trampoline park delhi photos?

Yes, ofcourse. Just go to the top of this blog post to see some of the amazing skyjumper trampoline park delhi photos

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