Top 10 Coffee Brands in India in 2024

Top 10 coffee brands in India include Levista Coffee, Nescafe, Bru, Tata Coffee, Lavazza, Continental Coffee, Leo Coffee, Davidoff, Blue Tokai, and The Flying Squirrel.

coffee brands in india
Coffee Brands in India

This blog features the top 10 coffee brands in India. It explores the country’s growing coffee industry, which now includes both domestic and international companies. Readers are given a concise look at the leading brands that have established India as an important coffee market.

The summary highlights the variety of high-quality coffee available from local and global brands operating in India. It aims to introduce readers to the key players in India’s flourishing coffee sector.

Introduction to the Indian Coffee Industry

indian coffee brands
Indian Coffee Brands

India has a thriving coffee industry that is deeply ingrained in its culture and economy. As one of the top 10 global producers, it consistently supplies coffee to the worldwide market. The majority of Indian coffee is grown in states like Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Coffee production yields a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans renowned for their flavours.

The Indian coffee market has experienced notable growth, currently valued at $0.5 billion annually and projected to rise 9% yearly through 2028.

This expansion corresponds to a surge in demand for speciality coffee from consumers seeking quality and origin transparency. Major players in the domestic market include both international brands like Starbucks and local names such as Sleepy Owl Coffee, influencing industry trends.

Historically, India focused on exports, but government initiatives since the 1950s have encouraged internal coffee consumption. This shift has hugely impacted the landscape, contributing to the emergence of a vibrant domestic coffee culture. The industry demonstrates a successful fusion of tradition and modern practices, providing an enriching experience for coffee lovers.

Criteria for Choosing the Top Indian Coffee Brands

choose coffee brands in india
Choose Best Coffee Brands in India

When choosing a coffee brand in India, there are some important things to consider to make sure you enjoy great tasting coffee.

The type of bean used makes a big difference in flavor. Arabica beans typically have milder, more complex flavors while Robusta beans are bolder. Some brands blend the two for unique tastes. It’s nice when companies share where the beans come from.

  1. How dark the beans are roasted also affects the flavor. Lighter roasts keep more of the original bean flavors while very dark roasts develop richer, smookier tastes. The best brands offer different roast levels so you can pick what you prefer.
  1. It’s good to support brands that treat farmers and workers well. Look for companies that pay fair wages and take care of the environment when growing and processing coffee beans.
  1. Diversity is key – try different single-origin beans from one place or creative blends. Top brands provide lots of options to discover new flavors.
  1. Cost is a factor when enjoying coffee daily. Quality brands balance taste with affordability so you can treat yourself without breaking the bank.
  1. Reading reviews from other customers helps decide which brands consistently deliver tasty coffee that people enjoy.
  1. Sustainability is also important to some. Brands that minimize waste and support green initiatives allow you to feel good about your purchase if that matters to you.
  1. Innovative brands experiment with new brewing styles, offer cold brews, and adapt to changing tastes.
  1. Widespread availability makes brands more convenient, whether shopping in person or online.

Considering these types of things helps you pick companies that align with your preferences, budget, and values for an all-around better coffee experience.

Top 10 Coffee Brands in India

Here are ten best coffee brands in India that will level up your brews in no particular order

01. Levista Coffee

levista coffee brands in india
Levista Coffee Brand in India

Levista Coffee is one of the famous coffee brands in India. Steeped in over a century of tradition in Tamil Nadu, Levista Coffee honors South India’s beloved filter coffee heritage. Grown on lush Coimbatore estates, their Arabica and Robusta selections yield a robust yet balanced cup. Levista’s production process has remained unchanged for generations, crafting each batch with reverence for timeless techniques. 

Dark-roasted beans are hand-ground to order alongside milk and sugar. The result is an indulgent elixir with an irresistible aroma and warmth that soothes both body and soul. For Levista, filter coffee is not just a beverage but a treasured part of South Indian culture, customs and cuisine. They ensure this legacy endures for future generations seeking authentic flavors of home.

Levista is now becoming famous coffee powder in major coffee shops in Chennai and other Indian cities as well.

02. Nescafe

nescafe coffee brand in india
Nescafe Coffee Brand in India

Nescafe is a well-known and very old coffee brand in India. As the pioneering brand that introduced instant coffee in 1938, Nescafe has fueled global caffeine cravings for over 80 years. Owned by Nestle, it holds 24% of the worldwide soluble coffee market. Producing a staggering 1.5 billion daily servings across 100+ countries, Nescafe offers versatile 3-in-1 sachets, jars and pods. Its balanced flavours appeal to both casual drinkers and aficionados alike. 

With innovations like cold brew crystals and flavored blends, Nescafe stays current with evolving tastes. Through iconic advertising featuring celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, it has built unparalleled brand recognition. Whether fueling office breaks or cozy nights in, Nescafe’s accessibility and reliability have earned it multigenerational fans worldwide.

03. Bru Coffee

bru coffee brand in india
Bru Coffee Brand in India

Bru coffee is another popular coffee brand company in India. Steeped in Indian culture for over 50 decades, Bru coffee is synonymous with the nation’s robust coffee heritage. As the domestic market leader with 41% share, it works closely with a network of 50,000+ retailers nationwide. Bru prides itself on crafting full-bodied blends showcasing India’s preference for bold over mild. Through high-profile campaigns with Bollywood stars, it spreads awareness of artisanal preparation methods like filtered brews. 

Bru also innovates with Nescafe-style mixes and premium ground options. Committed to sourcing ethically, it empowers farmers through community initiatives. Whether fueling busy mornings or cozy catchups, Bru coffee’s consistency and deep local roots have made it Indians’ favorite homegrown brand.

04. Tata Coffee

tata coffee brand in india
Tata Coffee Brand in India

One of the another best Indian coffee brand is Tata Cofee. Synonymous with premium quality, Tata Coffee has delighted global palates with diverse beans since 1903. Sourcing ethically from India, East Africa and South America, it supports 35,000+ smallholder farmers through community programs. The brand pioneers sustainability efforts like drip irrigation and biodiversity preservation. 

Tata Coffee’s specialty single-origin selections offer an educational tasting experience for aficionados, while its mainstream blends like Sonnets are crowd-pleasers. With innovations like instant mixes and cold brews, it has expanded availability beyond cafes. Through partnerships and initiatives, Tata Coffee is committed to uplifting producer livelihoods and the environment. Its heritage of excellence and connoisseur appeal have cemented its reputation worldwide.

05. Lavazza

lavazza coffee brand in india
Lavazza Coffee Brand in India

Lavazza, coffee brand in India steeped in tradition since 1895, Lavazza has spread Italian espresso culture globally. Producing over 4.3 billion servings annually via its 3,500 strong workforce, it operates 260 boutique cafes across Europe, Americas and Asia promoting the rituals of Italian coffee. Lavazza prides itself on sourcing selectively from countries like Brazil, India and Vietnam to craft rich, full-bodied blends. 

Through high-profile ambassadorships with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, it promotes passion and artisanal flair. Whether launching innovative products like coffee pods and cold brews or hosting world-class barista championships, Lavazza is dedicated to quality and education. Its authenticity and dedication to tradition have earned it legions of devoted fans worldwide who associate it with the best of Italian coffee culture.

06. Continental Coffee

continental coffee brand in india
Continental Coffee Brand in India

A household coffee brand name across India, Continental Coffee has its roots in the country’s domestic market. Established over 50 years ago by the Continental Group, it has emerged as a leading player catering to coffee lovers nationwide.

The brand offers a diverse portfolio including both Arabica and Robusta blends in whole beans and ground variants. Continental prides itself on sourcing high-quality beans that are expertly roasted to craft flavorsome brews. It has steadily expanded its range over the decades to include specialized blends and ready-to-drink options while retaining its focus on authentic taste. 

Without extravagant marketing campaigns, Continental has cultivated a loyal following through word-of-mouth alone based on consistent delivery of fresh, aromatic cups of coffee.

07. Leo Coffee

leo coffee brand in india
Leo Coffee Brand in India

Steeped in over a century of heritage, next famous coffee brand in India, Leo Coffee has come to represent filter coffee culture in South India. Founded in 1910 in Chennai, the brand specializes exclusively in traditional filter coffee – a staple beverage across the region. It sources select Arabica and Robusta beans that are meticulously roasted, brewed and hand-filtered using time-honored techniques. 

The resulting cup is celebrated for its richly authentic South Indian flavor profile. Remaining dedicated to its artisanal roots, Leo Coffee produces its coffees in small batches without compromising on quality. It enjoys immense popularity in its home market, where it caters to those seeking a true taste of regional filter coffee tradition.

08. Davidoff Coffee

davidoff coffee brand in india
Davidoff Coffee Brand in India

As the coffee branch of esteemed Swiss luxury brand Davidoff, quality is paramount. Sourcing premium Arabica beans from select growing regions globally, its roasters craft refined blends showcasing complex flavors. Marketed as an ultra-premium product catering to discerning palates, Davidoff coffee represents the pinnacle of the specialty coffee scene. 

Each package exudes an aura of understated sophistication through sleek minimalist designs. The brand maintains an exclusive focus on taste, eschewing unnecessary promotions. This strategy has resonated well with its niche following of coffee aficionados worldwide who appreciate the brand’s unwavering commitment to sourcing only the finest beans and roasting them to perfection.

09. Blue Tokai Coffee

blue tokai coffee brand in india
Blue Tokai Coffee Brand in India

Founded in 2013, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters has revolutionized India’s specialty coffee scene. Based in Gurgaon, their mission is to elevate awareness of India’s coffee growing regions and diverse bean varieties. Through direct relationships with small-batch farmers, Blue Tokai meticulously handpicks distinct lots for unique flavor profiles. Each harvest undergoes gentle wet processing and drying to preserve natural acidity and notes before shipment. At their state-of-the-art roasting facility, beans are roasted to highlight origins. 

Whether savored black or in expertly crafted brews, Blue Tokai’s single-origin selections transport drinkers across India’s coffee-producing landscapes with every sip. Their cafes have introduced specialty coffee to major cities, while awards recognize sustainable sourcing practices. Blue Tokai is truly transforming how the world views Indian coffee.

10. The Flying Squirrel

flyingsquirrel coffee brand in india
Flying Squirrel Coffee Brand in India

Established in Bengaluru in 2010, The Flying Squirrel has redefined India’s coffee culture. From seed selection in farms to your morning cup, quality is the priority. Founders personally visit estates to handpick beans with optimal ripeness. Gentle processing methods like washed Arabica and natural Robusta varieties preserve complex flavors. Micro-lots are separately dried on raised beds and dense concrete before precise roasting draws out unique profiles. 

Whether savored black or in third-wave preparations, Flying Squirrel’s nuanced selections have inspired a specialty coffee movement nationwide. An artisanal approach makes each batch a fresh discovery for devotees. Cafes provide immersive tasting experiences alongside training programs. The Flying Squirrel is truly empowering Indians to appreciate specialty coffee.


India’s coffee industry has deep traditional roots but is also modern. It is growing quickly due to increasing demand for specialty coffee and a focus on ethical business practices.

Some of the large international brands like Nescafe and Lavazza are popular in India. However, there are also well-loved domestic companies such as Bru and Levista. The industry caters to many different tastes.

Levista stands out for its commitment to sourcing high-quality beans and sustainable farming methods. It offers diverse flavors while honoring its heritage. Levista has earned its place among coffee lovers in India.

In conclusion, coffee in India represents more than just a drink. It reflects the nation’s cultural diversity and pursuit of excellence. Whether your preference is for the iconic Nescafe, Bru’s bold flavors, or Levista like myself, there are options for all kinds of tastes in India’s vibrant coffee scene.

Coffee Brands in India FAQs

What are the best coffee brands in India?

Some of the major coffee brands found in India include Nescafe, Bru, Tata Coffee, Lavazza, Continental Coffee, Leo Coffee, Davidoff, Blue Tokai, The Flying Squirrel, and Levista Coffee.

Which coffee brand should I buy?

The selected coffee brand depends on individual tastes, as India provides a broad range of options from robust to more subtle flavors. Levista Coffee, recognized for its high-quality ingredients and variety of tastes, is a favored choice among those interested in coffee.

Why is Indian coffee trend gaining popularity?

The popularity of Indian coffee is increasing due to rising demand for specialty coffee, an emphasis on ethical sourcing and manufacturing methods, and the development of cafe culture that parallels growth in India’s technology industries.

Where is coffee grown in India?

Coffee is mainly cultivated in the Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, where the plants yield a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans renowned for their unique tastes.

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