Top 10 POS Card Swipe Machine Providers in India

NTT Data Payments Service has been India’s best POS card swipe machine provider for decades. Read this blog to learn more about the top 10 POS card swipe machine providers in India

pos machine providers in india
POS Card Swipe Machine Providers in India

As businesses across India continue to grow with the help of digital and cashless payments, the point-of-sale or POS system has become a crucial investment for merchants of all sizes. A robust yet user-friendly POS solution can help streamline operations, drive sales and provide valuable business insights.

POS adoption continues to surge in India’s $29.83 billion retail market, and the competition among providers is also heating up. New players are entering the market regularly, while established brands invest heavily in R&D and expansion.

With the many available options, it is difficult for entrepreneurs to identify the right online payment gateway and POS partner. This blog post aims to simplify the selection process by providing a detailed comparison of the top 10 POS card swipe machine providers.

What is a POS Card Swipe Machine?

pos swipe machine in india
POS Swipe Machine in India

A POS (point of sale) card swipe machine is a compact, all-in-one device that gives businesses an integrated solution to maintain inventory, establish client loyalty, accept payments, and obtain insightful data. 

POS card swipe systems have transformed retail by streamlining checkout and powering data-driven decisions at the point where transactions occur.

Top Ranked 10 POS Card Swipe Machine Providers in India

India’s point-of-sale (POS) card swipe machine market has seen tremendous growth in recent years as more businesses adopt digital payment solutions. 

Here are the top 10 POS card swipe machine providers in India. Let’s take a closer look:

01. NTT DATA Payment Services

NTT Data Pay Card Swipe Machine Provider in India
NTT Data Pay – Best Card Swipe Machine Provider in India

NTT DATA Payment Services offers state-of-the-art POS systems designed to optimise business payment processes. Their POS solutions streamline transactions and enhance customer experiences, backed by robust security features and seamless integration capabilities.


1. Advanced security measures to protect sensitive payment data.

2. Seamless integration with other business systems for streamlined operations.

3. Customised POS solutions tailored to specific business needs.

4. Scalable options to accommodate business growth.

5. Comprehensive support and training programs for clients.


1. Need expert support for setup and configuration

02. Bijili Pay

Bijili Pay Card Swipe Machine Provider in India
Bijili Pay – Best Card Swipe Machine Provider in India

Bijilipay is an affordable POS solution that offers basic payment processing and inventory management. It allows merchants to accept all major debit and credit cards, net banking, and UPI payments. However, it is available only on Android devices.


  • Offers EMV chip and pin card acceptance
  • Provides inventory management features  
  • Real-time sales reporting and analytics
  • Multi-outlet management


  • The app is only available on Android devices
  • No loyalty programs or customer management features
  • Support is only available via phone and email

03. MSwipe

MSwipe card swipe machine provider in india
MSwipe – Best Card Swipe Machine Provider in India

MSwipe provides end-to-end payment acceptance solutions for businesses of all sizes. It offers robust card processing capabilities along with integration with accounting software. However, the platform has limited loyalty and reporting functionality.


  • Accepts all major debit and credit cards  
  • Integrates with various accounting and ERP software
  • Provides multi-lingual support
  • Offers both online and offline payments


  • No built-in loyalty programs
  • Basic reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Requires internet connection for some features

04. Pine Labs

Pine Labs card swipe machine provider in india
Pine Labs – Best Card Swipe Machine Provider in India

Considered one of the top POS providers, Pine Labs offers a full-fledged solution for online payments. It provides inventory management, customer loyalty and multi-outlet access. However, the payment terminals are expensive.


  • Supports EMV, contactless and QR code payments
  • Offers inventory, customer and loyalty features
  • Provides multi-outlet and multi-user access
  • Robust analytics and business insights 


  • Expensive payment terminal hardware

05. Razorpay (Ezetap)

Razorpay Card Swipe Machine Provider in India
Razorpay – Best Card Swipe Machine Provider in India

Razorpay (Ezetap) is a leading mobile POS provider known for its advanced analytics and customisation options. It supports all digital payment types and integrates with various third-party solutions. However, merchants need to pay steep setup costs.


  • Supports all digital payment methods  
  • Integrates with various third-party solutions
  • Advanced analytics and business intelligence
  • Customisable loyalty and rewards programs


  • Requires internet connection for payments
  • Steep setup and hardware costs
  • Learning curve for Advanced features

Did you know?

Ezetap is now Razorpay POS! Developing the most innovative and seamless in-store payment solutions to help your business grow. 

06. Innoviti

Innoviti Card Swipe Machine Provider in India
Innoviti – Best Card Swipe Machine Provider in India

Innoviti focuses on providing omnichannel payment solutions along with powerful loyalty programs. It offers real-time settlement and dedicated customer support. However, the terminal rental fees are on the higher side. 


  • Enables payments via multiple methods
  • Real-time settlement and reconciliation  
  • Powerful loyalty and engagement tools
  • Dedicated support team


  • Expensive terminal rental fees
  • Basic inventory and reporting features
  • High setup and deployment costs

07. Paytm

Paytm Card swipe machine provider in india
Paytm – Best Card Swipe Machine Provider in India

Paytm has a huge presence in India’s digital payments market due to its large merchant and customer network. The platform is easy to use but has limited accounting and business intelligence features.


  • Huge merchant base and customer base
  • Easy to integrate and use
  • Offers payments via multiple methods 
  • Robust loyalty and engagement programs


  • Limited Accounting and business insights
  • Basic customer relationship features

08. Benow

Benow card swipe machine provider in india
Benow – Best Card Swipe Machine Provider in India

Benow offers an all-in-one POS, payments and accounting platform with robust inventory and loyalty tools. However, it requires a stable internet connection and has high setup costs.


  • All-in-one POS, payments and accounting  
  • Customisable inventory and catalogue tools
  • Robust loyalty and engagement programs
  • Multi-lingual support


  • Requires stable internet connection
  • High setup and hardware costs

9. FSS Tech

FSS Tech card swipe machine provider in india
FSS Tech Card Swipe Machine Provider in India

FSS Tech provides integrated payments, POS and ERP solutions along with advanced inventory management. But it is expensive to license and deploy.


  • Integrated payments, POS and ERP solution
  • Advanced inventory, catalogue and ordering  
  • Robust loyalty programs and analytics
  • Dedicated implementation and support  


  • Expensive licensing and support fees
  • Complex to set up and deploy
  • Requires IT expertise to manage

10. Posist

Posist Card Swipe Machine Provider in India
Posist – Best Card Swipe Machine Provider in India

Posist is a full-featured cloud-based POS card swipe machine system known for its multi-outlet management and real-time reporting capabilities. However, support is only available over the phone/email.


  • The cloud-based solution requires no additional hardware 
  • Offers integrated payments, inventory and analytics
  • Customisable dashboards and reports
  • Real-time syncing across devices


  • The subscription model increases the total cost of ownership
  • Basic customer relationship features
  • Requires consistent internet connection

How to Choose the Right POS Card Swipe Machine for Your Business 

Here are some key points to consider when choosing the right POS card swipe system for your business:

Payment Options

Consider the various payment methods supported, like EMV chip & pin, contactless, QR codes, etc. Choose one with the flexibility to accept both online and offline payments. For any business accepting payments online or in-store, supporting multiple payment options is crucial to provide customers with flexibility and drive sales. 

The most common payment methods supported by digital platforms and POS card swipe systems include major credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and emerging options like UPI or mobile wallets. Enabling payments through diverse funding sources ensures customers can pay via their preferred method.

Inventory Management

Check if the POS offers features like product listing, barcode scanning, purchase orders, etc., to manage your inventory seamlessly.

Inventory management is essential for business processes that involve meticulously tracking the flow of materials and finished goods from procurement to sale. Robust systems powered by barcoding and RFID help attain visibility and control over inventory throughout its lifecycle.  

Reporting & Analytics

Opt for a system that provides real-time sales reports, profit & loss statements, inventory reports and other insights to track performance. Through robust reporting tools, payment processors can aggregate vast amounts of transaction data from diverse sources like cards, mobile wallets and bank transfers into meaningful reports. 

This data is collected each time a purchase is made, capturing details from items bought to payment methods used. You can gain real-time visibility into key metrics like sales volume, item-wise performance, peak shopping periods and areas. 

It helps you with a deep understanding of strategising, optimising, and accelerating business growth.

Customer Management

Look for features like customer profiles, purchase history, loyalty programs, etc., to build better customer relationships. An effective Customer Management system allows businesses to collect comprehensive customer profiles, including contact details, purchase history, preferences and more. 

Customer Management is one of the most important aspects of any payment services business. It involves systematically organizing all customer-related data and interactions to gain insights and deliver superior experiences. 

Pricing & Packages

Compare pricing models of one-time purchases, monthly/annual subscriptions and transaction fees. Choose what aligns best with your budget.

As businesses grow and process more payment volumes, there are higher-tier packages with incremental features and functionality. These advanced solutions are tailored for mid-market and enterprise-level clients. Real-time analytics, custom reporting, integrated invoicing, and subscription payments are some added capabilities.  

Support & Training

Check support availability, online resources, documentation and training options to ensure smooth adoption of the POS system. Support and training play a vital role in maximising the value of any technology solution. When implementing a digital payments platform, these elements should not be overlooked. 

The platform should offer various support options to ensure businesses receive prompt assistance. A dedicated support team should be available to answer queries and walk clients through common issues. Whether it’s configuration support during onboarding or troubleshooting transaction failures, the team must be well-equipped to help. 

Integration Capabilities

Select one that integrates with your accounting software, ERP, delivery apps, etc., for a unified experience.  

Integration Capability aims to develop an architectural framework that supports interconnectivity between various enterprise systems and third-party integrations.  Some important aspects of an Integration Capability include data mapping functionalities, workflow automation capabilities and management of user access levels. 

Integration solutions also offer control over user capabilities to determine the type and extent of information accessed from external applications via APIs.


Choose a solution that can grow with your business needs through multi-user access, multi-outlet management and customisation. As transaction volumes start to rise, a system lacking proper scalability will soon get overwhelmed and face performance issues like slow processing speeds and outages. 

This leads to poor customer experience and loss of revenue. Ensuring scalability allows a payment system to seamlessly adapt to spikes in usage without compromising functionality or user experience. 


For on-the-go businesses, opt for POS card swipe systems with mobile card readers and apps for both Android and iOS devices. With POS mobility solutions, sales associates can complete sales directly on the retail floor using tablets or smartphones linked to the main POS system. This allows customers to pay for items on the spot rather than waiting in lines. 

POS mobility brings great convenience to both customers and staff. With mobility tools, employees can focus more on assisting customers. Robust mobile POS systems come with inventory management, allowing associates to check availability and make recommendations.


Prioritise the security features of your POS card swipe system. It should adhere to industry standards, offering encryption, tokenisation, and other security measures to protect sensitive customer and payment data, thereby instilling trust and confidence in your business.

Multi-factor authentication adds an extra verification step for high-risk transactions. Customers may need to input additional codes or OTP to confirm sensitive actions. This prevents unauthorised access to accounts even if credentials are stolen.

Did you know?

According to a Modor Intelligence report, India’s POS machine market is expected to reach a value of $56.6 billion by 2028. This rapid growth is being driven by the government’s push for a less cash economy, rising internet and smartphone penetration, and the entry of new players offering affordable POS solutions.

Best Point of Sale for Business in India, 2024

Here is a comparison of the best POS in India by 2024.

POS SYSTEMPayment OptionsInventory managementReporting AnalysisCustomer ManagementPricingIntegrationSecurity
NTT DATA Payment ServicesCards, UPI, wallets, net banking, QRSupports Inventory ManagementGives valuable insights and reportsSupports loyalty programsPremium, Budget-friendly servicesSupport API and other platforms IntegrationHigh-Security
BijilipayCards, UPI, walletsSupports inventory managementGives Good Report AnalysisDoes not support loyalty programsBudget FriendlyAvailable only on Android DevicesModerate Security
MswipeCards, UPI, wallets, QRSupports inventory managementBasic report analysis Does not support loyalty programsCostlySupport API & ERPsHigh Security
PineLabsCards, UPI, wallets, net banking, EMISupports inventory managementGives Good Report AnalysisSupports loyalty programsExpensiveComplex API and other platforms IntegrationHigh Security
EzetaCards, UPI, wallets, QRSupports inventory managementGives Good Report AnalysisSupports loyalty programsCostlySupport API and other platforms IntegrationModerate Security
InnovitiCards, UPI, wallets, QRBasic inventory managementGives Good Report AnalysisSupports loyalty programsCostlySupport API and other platforms IntegrationModerate Security
PaytmCards, UPI, wallets, net banking, EMI, QRSupports inventory managementLimited Reports and InsightsBasic loyalty programs ExpensiveSupport API and other platforms IntegrationHigh Security 
BenowCards, UPI, wallets, EMI, QRSupports inventory managementGives Good Report AnalysisSupports loyalty programsExpensiveSupport API and other platforms IntegrationModerate Security 
FSS TechCards, UPI, wallets, net banking, QRSupports inventory managementGives Good Report AnalysisSupports loyalty programsCostlyComplex API and other platforms IntegrationHigh Security 
PosistCards, UPI, wallets, QRSupports inventory managementBasic Report AnalysisBasic Loalty ProgramsBudget FriendlySupport API and other platforms IntegrationModerate Security 

Access The Best POS Experience with NTT DATA Payment Services 

When it comes to POS, features like payment flexibility and scalability are important to consider. It’s also vital to test platforms through demonstrations. NTT DATA Payments is one of Asia’s leading payment providers, with solutions covering online and offline businesses of all sizes. 

NTT DATA Payment Services offers a complete payment solution to advance both your offline and online businesses. From online payment gateways and POS machines to IVR payments, mobile applications and Bharat QR Scan and Pay, we ensure maximum comfort, convenience, and safety for all your payments.

Benefits of POS System

 Here are some key benefits of using a POS system for your business:

  • Increased Efficiency: POS systems streamline processes like inventory management, payments, reporting, etc., saving time and reducing errors. 
  • Improved Customer Service: Features like loyalty programs, order history, and recommendations help provide better customer experiences.
  • Actionable Insights: Real-time sales data, inventory levels and other metrics provide actionable insights into performance to inform decisions.
  • Flexible Payments: Supporting various payment options improves checkout convenience for customers and increases sales.
  • Inventory Management: Tools like barcode scanning, purchase orders and alerts help manage stock visibility and reduce over/under stocking. 
  • Enhanced Security: EMV chip readers, encryption, and other security features help protect payment information and prevent fraud.
  • Growth Potential: Features like multi-user access, custom roles and multi-outlet management support scaling up as your business expands.
  • Tax Compliance: Integrated tax calculation streamlines compliance with GST, e-invoicing and other regulations.
  • Labour Savings: Automating processes like checkout, reports, and orders frees up staff for better customer engagement.

Grow Your Business with the Best POS Machine in India

While POS systems certainly provide a host of operational, customer and financial benefits, choosing the right solution requires a thorough evaluation of your unique business needs and goals. Take the time to understand your payment volumes, growth plans, technical capabilities and budget to shortlist options that align well. 

While the initial costs may seem high, factoring in the long-term efficiencies, cost savings and new revenue opportunities, the ROI of a POS makes it a worthwhile investment. Regular system and software updates also ensure it continues to meet your evolving requirements.

I hope this discussion has helped provide useful perspectives into selecting the ideal POS partner for your unique needs. Please feel free to reach out if any other questions come up during your evaluation process.

POS Machine Provider in India FAQs

What are the top 10 POS machine providers in India?

Here are among the top 10 leading POS system providers based in India: NTT DATA Payment Services, Bijilipay, Mswipe, Pinelabs, Ezeta, Innoviti, Paytm, Benow, FSS Tech and Posist.

How do I choose the right POS for my business?

Evaluate factors like payment options, inventory management, reporting, scalability and pricing. Consider business needs, goals and budget when shortlisting options. 

What are the key benefits of implementing a POS system?

POS systems help streamline operations, optimise sales, gain insights and fuel growth. Benefits include labour savings, inventory control, data-driven decisions and compliance.

Which is the best POS software for retail in India?

NTT DATA Payment Services is the best POS software solution for retail businesses in India. You can access the best POS experience and make online payments seamless.

Can a POS system integrate with other business software?

Yes, many POS platforms offer seamless integration with accounting, CRM and inventory management tools for unified workflows and data access.

Do POS companies offer customer support?

Yes, POS platforms offer seamless customer support along with accounting report generation and other features.

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