10 Rowdy Places in India with Famous Crime Cases

The top rowdy places in India include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Jaipur.

Delhi and Mumbai are considered as the most dangerous and rowdy places in India whereas Bangalore and Kolkata are falls at 3rd and 4th rowdy cities respectively as per the crime rate.

rowdy place in india
Rowdy Place in India

Would you like to know more about top ten rowdy places in India? In this article, I have tried to pull some of the cities in India with the highest crime rate.

The world is developing at a fast stride, and as Indians, we are not lagging as well as India has become the 5th largest economy in the world, growing at a rapid pace, and to be a part of this growing economy, many of us are constantly on the move to new places either for a business meeting or for re-locating purpose.


Why Knowing Rowdy Place in India is Important?

Rowdy Place in India
Rowdy Place in India

Our country is growing as an economy, and these so-called big cities are getting more and more populated and becoming more prone to criminal activities. All the cities listed below in India’s top 10 rowdy places are well now as an economic hubs, with many people migrating to these every day.

As we move into a new town or city, we need to enquire about all the safety aspects of that particular city, and even if you are getting into a rented house, check out the locality properly. Remember it is not only concerns you but your family as well, so don’t play with the safety of your loved ones and stay safe.

Whenever we go to a new place, it is important that we keep our safety as the top priority and do thorough research about the crime rate of that particular city to save ourselves from a miss-happening.

Top 10 Rowdy Places in India and Crime Cases

So, let’s check out the top 10 rowdy places in India, which you must check out before planning to visit a new place.

S NoRowdy Place in IndiaTop Criminal Cases
01DelhiNirbhaya Gang Rape (2012), Jessica Lal Murder (1999), Sunanda Pushkar Murder (2014)
02Mumbai1993 Mumbai Bombing, 26/11 Mumbai Attack, Laila Khan Murder (2011)
03BangaloreNirbhaya 2.0 case (2020), ATM Heist (2018), Church Street Blast (2014)
04KolkataPark Street rape (2012), Salt Lake Double Murder (2013), Rabindra Sarobar Rape (2018)
05ChennaiSankarnkovil Honour Killing case (2016), Swathi Murder Case (2016), Bank Robbery in T. Nagar
06HyderabadHyderabad Twin Bombing (2007), Dilkushnagar Bombing (2013), Sheena Bora Murder Case (2015)
07PuneGerman Bakery Blast (2010), Nayana Pujari Rape and Murder Case (2009), Pune Techie Murder case (2014)
08AhmedabadAhmedabad Serial Bombing (2008), Naroda Patiya Massacre (2002), Akshardham Temple Attack (2002)
09LucknowManisha Gangrape and Murder case (2005), Ashiana Rape Case (2018), Baby Falak Case (2012)
10JaipurPriyadarshini Mattoo Murder Case (1996), Jessica Lal Murder case (1999), Hawala Scam Case (1996)

Find the list of top rowdy places and cities in India with popular crime cases and pictures.

01. Delhi

Delhi Rowdy Place in India
Delhi – Rowdy Place in India

Delhi is considered as the world top rowdy place in India because of below mentioned rape cases and murder cases. The capital city of India, Delhi is famous for both its mammoth level of growth and development and the highest rate of crime in the country as it holds the 1st spot in the rowdy place in India.

In Delhi, it is very common to hear about a case related to incidents of robbery, physical assault, theft, crime against women and girls, etc. The areas around Old Delhi and South Delhi have recorded the maximum number of crimes within Delhi too.

Here is the list of highly discussed criminal cases that either happened in Delhi or connected with Delhi.

delhi rowdy place in india
S NoCriminal CasesYear
1Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case2012
2Jessica Lal Murder Case1999
3Sunanda Pushkar Murder Case2014
4Nitish Katara Murder Case2002
5Murder of Businessman’s Wife by a Lawyer2011

I. Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case (2012)

Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case (2012)

This was a very famous case that even got some international attention, and the protest to punish the accused rose worldwide because a young girl was brutally gang-raped inside a moving bus in Delhi and later died because of the pain she suffered.

This incident is essential as it triggered the issue of women’s safety and the credibility of the transport system, which is considered the lifeline of Delhi.

II. Jessica Lal Murder Case (1999)

Jessica Lal Murder Case

Jessica Lal was a model who was shot dead while she was enjoying a party in a Delhi restaurant can draw significant attention from the media as the main accused was initially acquitted but later, due to media pressure and public outcry a retrial was held and the accused was convicted and sentenced.

III. Sunanda Pushkar Murder Case (2014)

Sunanda Pushkar Murder Case (2014)

Who can forget the murder case of the famous politician Shashi Tharoor, Sunanda Pushkar who was found dead in her hotel room in Delhi, as the case involved an allegation of murder and is still unsolved.

IV. Nitish Katara Murder Case (2002)

Nitish Katara, a business executive, was suspected to have an alleged relationship with a politician’s daughter and was murdered, which got attention due to the involvement of influential people and the accused was eventually convicted. 

V. Murder of Businessman’s Wife by a Lawyer (2011)

This case highlighted the people who are responsible for keeping law and order, on the other side as a lawyer was accused of the murder of a businessman’s wife.

02. Mumbai

Mumbai Rowdy Place in India
Mumbai – Rowdy Place in India

Mumbai is also considered as the rowdy place in India. Mumbai is the city of dreams, as many young girls and boys march into this city to accomplish their dreams but land up in some sort of conspiracy.

Mumbai holds the 2nd position in rowdy place in India, surprising the nation with brutal criminal cases at regular intervals.

The Areas in Mumbai like Dharavi and some suburban regions are highly associated with crime, as most of the cases concerned with Mumbai are directed towards these places. Want to know about Chennai vs Mumbai City, which is better? Read it here and leave your comment.

Here are some renowned cases that happened in Mumbai, clearly speaking of its second spot in rowdy places in India.

S NoCriminal CasesYear
1Mumbai Bombing1993
226/11 Mumbai Attack2008
3Laila Khan Murder Case2011
4Jyotirmoy Dey Murder Case2011
5Pallavi Purkayastha Murder Case2012

I. 1993 Mumbai Bombing

mumbai rowdy place in india

Who can forget one of the deadliest terrorist attacks that India witnessed when a series of bomb explosions shocked the land of Mumbai on March 12, 1993?

Some foreign terrorists took the allegation of the attack, which was done in coordination with crime syndicates, as the blast was targeted in various spots, including the famous Bombay Stock Exchange and some prominent hotels claiming the lives of over 250 and 700+ people were injured.

II. 26/11 Mumbai Attack

This is regarded as one of the black days in Indian history as some heavily armed terrorists from Pakistan coordinated a series of attacks all around Mumbai and specially targeted the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, The Oberoi Trident Hotel and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway station.

The attack was also considered brutal as it lasted for 4 days, claiming the lives of 166 people which included both civilians and security personnel.

III. Laila Khan Murder Case (2011)

It was a multiple murder case as the Bollywood actress Laila Khan and her family members were murdered in their Mumbai Residence in 2011. During the investigation of this case, many complex webs of conspiracies involving family disputes, financial issues and criminal connections were revealed.

IV. Jyotirmoy Dey Murder Case (2011)

Jyotirmoy Dey was a prominent investigative journalist known for reporting the city’s underworld and organized crime.

The city of Mumbai was in shock as he was shot dead in broad daylight, questioning the credibility of law and order maintained in Mumbai.

The case also revealed that the journalist received many threats, but he was brave enough to carry on his job, as during the investigation deep-rooted nexus between criminals and some important elements of media was also revealed.

V. Pallavi Purkayastha Murder Case (2012)

Pallavi Purkayastha was a lawyer who was killed in her apartment by the security guard of her apartment who had been making unwelcome advances towards her.

This case especially rose the issue of women’s safety as the person appointed for our safety was the perpetrator in this case.

All these cases are sufficient to prove why Mumbai is #2 among rowdy places in India.

03. Bangalore

Bangalore Rowdy Place in India
Bangalore – Rowdy Place in India

Developing as a vibrant IT industry, Pubs, Restaurants, Bengaluru is still catching up in crime as well, registering the 3rd spot in rowdy place in India where crimes like cybercrime, theft, property-related offence etc are most common to occur.

The areas around Koramangala, Electronic City and Majestic register the maximum number of incidents of crime happening in Bengaluru city.

Here is a list of a few highlighted crime cases which prove Bengaluru’s stand as #3 in rowdy places in India.

S NoCriminal CasesYear
1Nirbhaya 2.0 Case2020
2ATM Heist2018
3Church Street Blast2014
4Journalist Gauri Lankesh Murder Case2017
5Bengaluru Riots2020

I. Nirbhaya 2.0 Case (2020)

In August 2020 a horrifying incident took place in Bengaluru which shock the whole country, when a young woman was allegedly gang-raped by two men.

This incident was similar to what happened in Delhi in 2012 and thus referred to as Nirbhaya 2.0. Though the accused were arrested and sentenced, the case highlighted the safety concern of women, especially in cities like this where women are also involved in 3-shift jobs.

III. ATM Heist (2018)

Nowadays, an increasing number of cyber cases and the incident of 2018 shocked everyone as a gang of cybercriminals targeted multiple ATMs in Bengaluru and siphoned off cash using malware-infected cards.

The criminals used sophisticated hacking techniques, and though the accused were arrested, it alarmed the entire nation about the emerging threat of cybercrime.

III. Church Street Blast (2014)

Bangalore rowdy place in india

It was 28th December 2014 when a bomb exploded near a popular restaurant on Church Street in Bengaluru, which resulted in the death of one woman and injured several others.

IV. Journalist Gauri Lankesh Murder Case (2017)

Gauri Lankesh was a well-known journalist and social activist who was shot dead outside his residence in Bengaluru in September 2017, which shocked the country as sparkling outrage and protests were evident throughout the country.

V. Bengaluru Riots (2020)

In August 2020, violent clashes erupted in parts of Bengaluru, which started over a social media post derogating a religious figure, and later it took a massive form, resulting in the death of three individuals and cause huge damage to public property.

These cases are just a few examples of a long list of crimes that give Bengaluru the #3 spot in Rowdy places in India.

04. Kolkata

Kolkata Rowdy Place in India
Kolkata – Rowdy Place in India

Compared to the other three metropolitan cities, Kolkata has a lower crime rate. However, theft and pick-pocketing incidents are very common in Park Street and Sealdah, accompanied by occasional incidents of violence.

Here are some criminal cases justifying Kolkata being kept at 4th in rowdy places in India.

I. Park Street Rape Case (2012)

kolkata rowdy place in india

In February 2012, a woman was gang-raped by a group of men inside a moving car on one of the most crowded marketplaces of Kolkata’s Park Street.

This case was highlighted because the officials made some insensitive remarks about the victim and arouse the issue of victim shaming and women’s safety and also highlighted the importance of addressing sexual assault cases sensitivity.

II. Salt Lake Double Murder Case (2013)

A double murder case shocked the ground of Kolkata in September 2013, when an elderly couple was brutally murdered in their residence in Salt Lake, which was unsolved for a significant period, but later a breakthrough led to arrest the couple’s son-in-law who was found to be the actual culprit and was charged with the murder.

III. Rabindra Sarobar Rape Case (2018)

In July 2018, a 12-year-old girl was raped in one of the most crowded places in Kolkata, the Rabindra Sarobar Area, which sparked outrage and protests with demands for justice.

Because of cases like this which highlight the vulnerability of minors to sexual crimes and the need for effective child protection policies, Kolkata is placed at #4 in rowdy places in India.

IV. Park Street Gangrape Survivor’s Acid Attack (2012)

As we have stated above, in March 2012, a woman was gang-raped in the infamous Park Street Rape case, but another tragic incident explored the wounds when she was attacked with acid, the same year.

This was a major crime as it arouses questions regarding the safety of the survivors and witnesses in sensitive criminal cases.

V. Subhasree Murder Case (2019)

A young girl named Subhasree died in September 2019, when she was crushed to death by a hoarding that collapsed during a storm in Kolkata.

Though this event was not a criminal offence, it triggered public outrage and protests, calling for strict action to be taken against unauthorized hoarding, and led to a discussion about the city’s infrastructure and safety regulations.

05. Chennai

Chennai Rowdy Place in India
Chennai – Rowdy Place in India

The capital city of Tamil Nadu can be spotted at 5th in rowdy place in India as instances of crimes like theft, burglaries, and violence are common in this area, especially in T Nagar, Egmore and Chennai Central Railway Station. If you want to know more about rowdy places in Tamilnadu, click here and leave your comment.

Here are some famous crime cases that happened in Chennai and why I kept it at #5 in rowdy places in India.

I. Sankarnkovil Honour Killing case (2016)

A young Dalit man named V. Sankar was brutally murdered in Udumalaipettai, Tamil Nadu in March 2016, a place near Chennai, as the murder was connected to honour killing as he married a woman of a higher caste. This incident aroused a public outcry and brought attention to the issue of caste-based violence.

II. Swathi Murder Case (2016)

chennai rowdy place in india

June 2016 witnessed the murder of a young woman named Swathi inside Nungambakkam Railway Station in Chennai which shocked the whole city and raised public concern over women’s safety in public places. Though the case of solved and the accused were arrested and punished, such cases in public places make Chennai highly rated in crime, giving the #5 spot in rowdy places in India.

III. Bank Robbery in T. Nagar

A daring crime which took place in daylight in February 2019 witnessed a bank robbery in T. Nagar, a commercial hub in Chennai. During the busy hours of the day, a group of armed men stormed into the bank. It looted a substantial amount of money, highlighting the need for improved security measures in financial institutions.

IV. Murder of Software Engineer by Stalker (2016)

Another incident took place at Nungambakkam Railway Station when a software engineer named Swati was murdered by her stalker in this location. This case drew public attention to the issue of stalking and the lack of effective mechanisms to save women from such incidents.

V. Chennai Super Kings Spot-Fixing Scandal (2013)

The most famous and successful IPL team, Chennai Super Kings, can’t keep themselves aloof from allegations as it was embroiled in a spot-fixing scandal. During the investigation, several team members were accused of involvement in illegal activities related to match-fixing and betting, as this incident shocked the cricketing world and resulted in the team’s suspension for two years.

06. Hyderabad

Hyderabad Rowdy Place in India
Hyderabad – Rowdy Place in India

Hyderabad is generally considered as a safe city but as the urbanization is expanding in the city and Tollywood is becoming more influential, people from different places are migrating to make a career for themselves.

Placed at 6th in rowdy place in India, Hyderabad commonly faces instances of property crimes, theft and violence, especially in areas like Charminar and some parts of the Old City where the crime rate is higher.

Here are some famous crime activities which took place in Hyderabad, which opens the #6 spot in rowdy places in India.

I. Hyderabad Twin Bombing (2007)

Hyderabad rowdy place in india

The twin bomb blasts which occurred in August 2007 in Lumbini Park a popular public place and Gokul Chat a crowded eatery spot in Hyderabad, resulted in the death of 44 people and casualties of more than 60, done by a terrorist group.

II. Dilkushnagar Bombing (2013)

In February 2013, another twin bombing rattled the sky of Hyderabad, when two bombs rocked Dilkushnagar and its neighbourhood in Hyderabad.

The explosion occurred near a bus stand and a popular eatery resulting in the death of 17 people and injuring over 100 was carried out by a terrorist group, and during the investigation, several arrests and prosecution were held.

III. Sheena Bora Murder Case (2015)

Though this particular crime event took place in Mumbai, its roots were found in Hyderabad. Sheena Bora was a young woman who was murdered in 2012 but the case became highlighted in 2015 when during the investigation complex web relationships, deceits and cover-ups were revealed as this case got more media attention.

IV. Cyber Crime and Call Centre Scam (2020)

In October 2020, a major cybercrime and call centre scam was busted in Hyderabad which involved a network of fraudulent call centres that were impersonating government officials and duping people especially foreigners in the name of tax evasion and immigration issues.

V. Murder of Lawyer Couple (2019)

A prominent lawyer couple, Gattu Vaman Rao and Nagamani were attacked and murdered in the daylight in February 2019 in Pedddapalli district near Hyderabad. The incident was highlighted as it shocked the legal community and raised concern about the safety of professionals in the field.

07. Pune

Pune Rowdy Place in India
Pune – Rowdy Place in India

At 7th city in rowdy places in India, Pune is experiencing increased criminal activities like theft, robbery, and violence, particularly in areas of Pimpri-Chinchwad, Hadapsar and Swargate.

Here are some examples of highlighted crimes which took place in Pune.

I. German Bakery Blast (2010)

The year of February 2010, historied a bomb blast rocked the German Bakery, a popular eatery in Pune’s Koregaon Park which turn out to be the cause of 17 deaths and several injured. During the investigation, the incident was attributed to a terrorist group that turmoiled the atmosphere of Pune.

II. Nayana Pujari Rape and Murder Case (2009)

pune rowdy place in india

A software professional Nayana Pujari was abducted, raped and murdered in Pune in October 2009 the case caught attention due to the heinous nature of the crime and after investigation, the culprit was arrested and convicted as this case again arose the issue of woman safety and freedom.

III. Pune Techie Murder case (2014)

In November month of 2014 witnessed the murder case of a software engineer Antara Das was stabbed to death by a colleague in Pune’s Talawade IT park. A failure in a romantic relationship was recorded as the reason behind the murder as the issue highlighted the concern about workspace safety and the importance of counselling services for employees.

IV. Murder of Anti-Superstitious Activist (2013)

Narendra Dabholkar was a prominent anti-superstition activist and rationalist who was shot dead by unidentified assailants in Pune in August 2013. The case turned out to be a national issue as debates sparked on challenges faced by individuals advocating for rational thinking and the need for effective measures to protect them.

V. Pune Gang Rape case (2019)

Another rape case against a woman, catching our concern on woman’s safety, took place in July 2019 in remote areas near Pune when a woman was gang-raped by a group of men and the perpetrators were later apprehended as swift action was taken to bring her to justice.

08. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Rowdy Place in India
Ahmedabad – Rowdy Place in India

Ahmedabad is 8th city on the list of rowdy places in India, as it is growing in the economy and frequently faces incidents of violent crime, theft and burglaries, especially in areas like Maninagar, Naroda and Odhav. Here are some incidents registered in Ahmedabad which satisfy its spot at #8 in rowdy places in India.

I. Ahmedabad Serial Bombing (2008)

A series of synchronized bomb blasts rocked various locations in Ahmedabad which includes crowded markets and bus stations, were carried out by a terrorist group causing 50 deaths and injuring 100+ people. The case was highlighted as it caused widespread panic and the threat of terrorism.

II. Naroda Patiya Massacre (2002)

One of the deadliest incidents faced by Gujarat in 2002 was the communal riots, which were initiated in Ahmedabad’s Naroda Patiya area when a large mob attacked and massacred a large number of people from the Muslim community. The incident caught the attraction of the whole nation as it resulted in the death of 90+ individuals and uncountable injuries.

III. Akshardham Temple Attack (2002)

In September 2002, two armed individuals attacked the Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar near Ahmedabad, which took 33 lives, including women and children, before the security guards could neutralize the attackers.

IV. Gulberg Society Massacre (2002)

During the Gujarat riots, Gulberg Society a Muslim residential complex in Ahmedabad, was attacked by a mob of people causing 69 deaths, including former Congress Member of Parliament Ehsan Jafri. The death of a Congress leader highlighted the case as it received significant attention and has been the subject of trials and legal proceedings.

V. Mahatma Gandhi Murder Case (1948)

ahmedabad rowdy place in india

Though the incident took place way back in the pages of history, one can’t neglect the assassination of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, which took place in 1948 and had significant repercussions in Ahmedabad. As the city mourned the loss of a legend, the incident led to heightened tensions and communal unrest.  

09. Lucknow

Lucknow Rowdy Place in India
Lucknow – Rowdy Place in India

The city of Nawabs, Lucknow, comes 9th place in rowdy places in India which can be evident from the few criminal case examples presented in the article.

I. Manisha Gangrape and Murder Case (2005)

Lucknow rowdy place in india

A college student named Manisha was abducted, gang-rape and murdered in Lucknow in May 2005 caught the attention of the masses as it led to widespread protests and demand justice for the victim. This case again caught the attraction of the nation towards woman’s safety and the need for strict measures to prevent such crimes.

II. Ashiana Rape Case (2018)

In April 2018, Lucknow shocked the entire nation when a minor girl was abducted and raped in the Ashiana area in Lucknow, giving rise to public outrage and catching attention towards the vulnerability of children to sexual crimes.

III. Baby Falak Case (2012)

Although the incident took place in Delhi, Lucknow could not escape from getting into the limelight of the incident. Baby Falak was an infant girl who was found brutally beaten and abandoned in Delhi in 2012 and was later shifted to Lucknow for medical treatment. The case gathered widespread attention and attracted the media to the issue of child abuse.

IV. Lucknow Medical Student Murder Case (2021)

Ayush Mishra, a medical student, was found dead in his hostel room in Lucknow in February 2021, which initially appeared to be a case of suicide, but further investigation revealed evidence of foul play.

V. Dacoity at Chief Medical Officer’s Residence (2019)

A daring robbery took place at the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) residence in Lucknow in February 2019, in which robbers looted cash, jewellery and other valuables. The case was highlighted as it raised the issue of the vulnerable security of high-ranking officials.

10. Jaipur

Jaipur Rowdy Place in India
Jaipur – Rowdy Place in India

The Pink City and the city of warriors, Jaipur, has managed to claim the 10th spot in rowdy places in India, as it is experiencing an increasing number of cases related to theft, pickpocketing and violence, especially in areas nearby Hawa Mahal, Johari Bazaar and Ajmeri Gate.

Here are some incidents that happened in Jaipur, claiming the last spot in the rowdy places in India.

I. Priyadarshini Mattoo Murder Case (1996)

The actual incident took place in Delhi, but the case got significant attention in Jaipur as well. Priyadarshini Mattoo was a law student who was raped and murdered in her Delhi apartment, as the crime attracted media on the issue of women’s safety and justice.

II. Jessica Lal Murder Case (1999)

jaipur rowdy place in india

Similar to the previous case, the Jessica Lal Murder case also originated in Delhi, but its influence can be felt in Jaipur as well. She was a model and bartender who was shot dead at a party in 1999, causing widespread media attention and sparking public outrage over the perceived influence of powerful individuals on the justice system as the case lead to retrial and convictions.

III. Hawala Scam Case (1996)

This case was a major Hawala Scam in which Jaipur came to the limelight as the scam involved the illegal transfer of funds through various channels, raising concern about money laundering and illicit financial activities. There was a thorough investigation and subsequent arrest in this case, exposing the network involved in the illegal fund transfer.

How to Calculate the Crime Rate of a City in India

top rowdy place in india

As we want to know top rowdy places in India, let’s check this out before going into this article. Many queries might originate in your brain, such as how exactly the crime rate is calculated and the calculations behind this overall process.

You must keep this fact in mind that calculating the crime rate of a city is not as simple as calculating a mathematical equation, as it is based on lots of historical data for which you need access to specific data regarding the number of reported crimes that have been registered during a particular period and divide it with the total population of that place.

Here is a simple formula which can be used to calculate the #crimerate of a city:

Crime Rate = (Number of Crimes / Population) x 1,000

Also, you can check the step-by-step process to calculate the crime rate of a city which is written down in four easy steps:

I. Gather crime data

The first and most crucial step in the whole process of finding rowdy places in India begins with collecting information on the number of reported crimes in the city which you want to analyze. This kind of data, you can gather from police stations, government reports, crime statistics databases, newspapers, etc.

II. Determine the time-period

You can’t calculate the beginning of civilization. Hence, you need to determine the period for which you want to calculate the data, which can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, decade or century. Still, most significant results are obtained every year.

III. Obtain population data

Obtaining crime records is not sufficient as you have to arrange for the data related to the population of that particular city which can be gathered from government sources like census data or official population estimates.

IV. Calculate the crime rate

Once the appropriate data is available, apply the above formula to complete the calculation. For your assistance, I have discussed a hypothetical example. Once you complete your analysis on crime rate and the data of most famous cities are ready with you, compare the data, and your list of most rowdy places in India will be ready to use.

Let us suppose that a city with a population of 5 lakhs had 1500 reported crimes in a year. The crime rate for that particular city would be:

Crime Rate = (1,500 / 500,000) x 1,000 = 3 crimes per 1,000 people

Considering this example as a benchmark, you must remember this is a simplified calculation. While doing the real calculation, various factors can affect the result and accuracy of your interpretation of the crime rate.

Since you have broken through the process of calculating the crime rate, let us enlighten ourselves about the top-rated cities in India with the maximum crime rate.

Rowdy Place in India FAQs

What are the top rowdy places in India?

The top rowdy places in India include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Jaipur.

Which city has the highest number of crimes?

The city of Delhi is cursed to have the highest number of crimes as it’s under discussion frequently because of the criminal activities.

What is the crime condition in Indian villages?

We can assume that Indian villages are relatively safer compared to the cities but there are many hidden crimes taking place in the villages which are rarely registered.

Which city is connected with the Nirbhaya Murder case?

The incident of the Nirbhaya Murder case took place in Delhi in 2012 which attracted nation wise public outrage.

Which city has the highest crime rate in Tamil Nadu?

In Tamil Nadu, Chennai has the highest number of crime cases recorded. 

Among Bengaluru and Chennai, which is a safer city?

Among these two cities Chennai is regarded as safer than Bengaluru.

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