60 Simple Finger Mehndi Designs Easy and Beautiful

Are you someone who loves the intricate details of simple finger mehndi designs? Or someone who is looking for novel and stylish patterns that are simple to draw? If your answer to either of the questions is yes, then you are at the right place!

royal finger mehndi design
Royal Finger Mehndi Design

We know how frustrating it can be to run out of ideas or when you are unable to find inspiration to create new and original patterns. To make things easier for you, we have curated a list of over 60+ trending royal finger mehndi designs to inspire you to create easy and simple finger mehndi designs. Whether you prefer incorporating a combination of designs, simple designs, bold strokes, mandala designs, or ring finger mehndi designs, we have got you covered!

However, before we discuss the various royal finger mehndi designs in detail, let us first understand what mehndi or henna is and where it comes from. Knowing about the origins of mehndi will help you understand the regional art style, motivations of the artists, and demand of the consumers. After all, you never know what could inspire you to create or identify the perfect finger royal mehndi design for you!


What is Mehndi or Henna?

Mehndi or Henna is a type of body art that is very popular in South Asia. Unlike tattoos, it is a temporary form of skin decoration that gradually disappears over a period of 4-7 days.

Mehndi is a green organic dye made from the leaves of the henna plant. It is most commonly applied to the hands and feet of an individual for either aesthetic, artistic, or healing purposes. The application of mehndi as a form of body art dates back to thousands of years and was particularly popular in certain parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle-East.

There are records that indicate that the practice of applying mehndi had begun as a ritual to attract positive spirits and bring prosperity upon individuals. However, the significance of mehndi has evolved to mean much more than this.

Today, Mehndi is recognised as an art form that allows artists to express their creativity, ideas, and showcase their talent. This does not mean that Mehndi designing has lost its cultural and religious significance because individuals still strongly believe in the healing properties of henna for one’s mind, body, and soul.

Additionally, the application of Mehndi is a huge event in Indian festivities and celebrations, weddings in particular. An entire day is allotted for the application of mehndi, where family members of the bride and groom wait their turn to apply captivating mehndi designs while singing, dancing and making merry.

The event brings the community together as they interact and help each other through the entire process; putting lemon juice on the mehndi and peeling of the dried designs are two examples.

That sums up the meaning and importance of Mehndi. But you are left with a number of decisions to make before you start applying mehndi. You first need to choose where you want to apply the mehndi because your design will be determined by the location and shape of your ‘canvas’. There are four options for this:

You also need to decide on the nature and colour of the stain, that is if you want to use natural henna, black henna, or red henna.

Once this has been decided, you can start thinking about the design you want to apply. There is no definite number of designs or patterns because you can continuously innovate and create new combinations and shapes. That is why each geographical region and time period had their own unique style of mehndi designs; each of them equally magnificent and fascinating in their own way.

So let us understand what exactly is royal finger mehndi designs, and how you can learn to create the perfect design for you.

What is Simple Finger Mehndi Design?

Simple finger mehndi designs refer to mehndi patterns drawn on the fingers or connected regions of the hand. In this case, the fingers become the focal point of the stylish design to create a complete look.

royal finger mehndi design
Royal Finger Mehndi Design

It is important for designers to create mehndi designs that can be customised to the desires of the customer as well as the shape of their fingers and hand. This will enhance the beauty of the royal finger mehndi design. To accomplish this, the designer must study various patterns and experiment with a combination of lines and geometric shapes to understand how the visual appeal of the royal finger mehndi design can be enhanced.

In this article, we will be delving into more than 60 simple finger mehndi design which is easy and beautiful that could help you create a beautiful design for your or your client’s special day!

If you are a bride looking for an experienced Mehndi designer for your bridal mehndi or a mother looking for a skilled artist to draw temporary tattoos for your daughter’s friends, then there is probably one more question you would want to know more about:

How do you find a good Mehndi designer?

Choosing the Right Finger Mehndi Designer

finger mehndi designer

It is always good to do your own research before settling on a particular designer. The oldest way to do this is by word of mouth. Ask your friends, colleagues or family members to refer someone whose work they trust or have experienced in the past.

This will also help you identify designers whose work they did not like or were sloppy. You could additionally search for designers online, via social media or other online forums, and call them for a trial. Finally, you could also ask venue managers and event managers to recommend someone they are familiar with.

Try to become familiar with the signature styles and concepts of the Mehndi designers by checking out their design portfolios. This will give you a glimpse into the designer’s skills and help you understand whether they are the right fit for you.

You can always inform the designers about what you have in mind and what type of patterns, designs and concepts you are looking for. Showing them a reference picture will also help them understand your needs better as opposed to giving them a vague description that might leave them confused.

Once you have finalised all these details and want to go ahead with a particular Mehndi designer, you can decide upon the budget, logistics, and any other technical details to minimize liabilities as much as you can.

Now that we have put all this aside, let us explore the various royal finger mehndi designs that you can draw inspiration from to make your celebrations and festivities extra special.

60 Simple Yet Royal Finger Mehndi Designs Which Are Easy & Beautiful

1. Multiple Designs

This stylish finger mehndi design uses a combination of intricate shapes, patterns and lines to create a beautiful complete look. The individual elements of each finger are organically woven together by efficient use of negative space and a common rectangular structure. A skilled Mehndi designer will be able to pull off this brilliant look!

2. Bold Strokes

You can use bold strokes such as this simple finger mehndi design to create a beautiful look. The use of thick swirls and lines in addition to the uniform pattern across all fingers, gives a hypnotic feel that will leave onlookers bewitched!

3. Net Pattern

Net patterns are currently trending as a stylish backhand henna design and you can clearly see why! This simple finger Mehndi design looks mesmerising when it is stained and it compliments a number of henna styles such as Arabic, minimalistic or traditional. However, this design requires steady and skilled hands otherwise the outcome could be sloppy and undefined.

4. Lines with swirls

Another simple finger mehndi design that looks very aesthetic and stylish is the usage of thin and thick lines along with a singular swirl pattern. In the above image, the concentric circles attract the focus of the viewers and utilise the negative space immediately above them satisfactorily. You can pair this design with a bharwa or spacious style.

5. Arabic Design

Arabic designs use a mixture of floral artwork and geometric designs to create a minimal and stylish finger mehndi design. This pattern also makes use of negative space that allows the focus to come on to a singular pattern or individual elements. The empty spaces also enable the individual to wear rings to enhance the look of the finger mehndi design.

6. Simple and Unique patterns

Another variation of the Arabic style is using a mixture of only floral patterns and lines to create a full look. As you can see in the image above, you could either go for a singular band design or fill each finger.

7. Dotted finger mehndi design

This minimal design utilizes the most common henna element: dots. You can use this design to make your fingers look longer. Additionally, the trail of dots guides the viewer’s eye to your other finger accessories, thereby allowing you to show off your wedding ring!  

8. Leaf bounded

Leaves are another common element of henna designs. This particular design uses the leaves in a crafty way, weaving itself around the individual’s fingers to create an endless and surreal look. You could opt for this design if you want a single pattern to cover the back of your hand in a stylish finger mehndi design.

9. Mandala Finger Mehndi design

Mandalas are a trending design for mehndi because of its mesmerising and intricate look. If you are someone who does not like a bharwa design, but want to have a detailed design, then you should try the unique design shown above!

10. Single finger Mehndi Design

For those of you who do not like elaborate designs or perhaps dislike mehndi and are only getting it done for cultural and religious purposes, the single finger mehndi design is perfect for you! You could go for a combination of lines and dots like this ring finger mehndi design to give it the impression of an actual ring. Pairing it with nail polish would enhance the look and give it a modish vibe.

11. Hathphool Finger mehndi design

These designs might look complicated because of its incorporation of flowers and leaves; however, they can be made using basic mehndi elements. You would need a skilled designer to replicate the intricacies and curves of the above design, because its bold strokes would look shabby if not done by a steady hand.

12. Tip finger mehndi design

The most common design for fingertips has been to fill it in with mehndi completely. However, many individuals are now opting to add patterns and designs instead of filling it in with solid colour. You can pair this royal finger mehndi design with a simple mandala in the centre of the palm to make the look complete.

13. Simple Finger mehndi design

This simple finger mehndi design requires a steady hand to make the thin strokes accurately. It incorporates basic mehndi elements in a graceful way and creates the illusion of a bangle and ring joined together by a chain, thereby adding depth to the overall look.

14. Lines and dots

Everyone knows that simple geometric patterns are appealing and beautiful. The above finger mehndi designs utilise identical finger designs to grab the attention of viewers with its continuous and neat look.

15. Front hand simple finger mehndi design

If you are looking for something simple, do not have much time to fill your hand with mehndi or want to experiment with a minimalistic design, you could try the above royal finger mehndi design.

16. Easy finger mehndi design

If you want a simple finger mehndi design to apply on yourself then this is a design you should consider! Dots, swirls and lines are the most basic elements of a good mehndi design and are the easiest to replicate. As a newlywed, you could resort to these designs during festivals and celebrations!

17. Knuckles Mehndi designs

Another location you could focus your finger mehndi design on are the knuckles at the back of your hand. The minimal design gives the illusion of rings and can be paired with glossy nail polish to make the look complete. You could also add a mandala at the back of your hand if you are someone to likes a more filled in or bharwa design.

18. Leaves and lines Finger Mehndi Design

 This is an example of an easy and simple finger mehndi design that looks beautiful. This is a good design if you are someone who likes symmetry and negative spaces. Additionally, this design does not require any other hand accessories to make it look complete and would look gorgeous with a saree.

19. Unique Finger Mehndi pattern

This finger mehndi design is for someone who likes elaborate and detailed patterns. You can use a combination of elements to give each finger a unique look. Leaving negative space after the finger mehndi design gives the entire thing a distinctive look.

20. Trendy Finger mehndi design

 This mehndi design is perhaps the most universal finger mehndi design with its lines, curves and triangles. It also uses alternating negative space on the fingertips to draw the viewer’s attention to each finger separately.

21. Pro finger mehndi design

 A simple flower finger knuckle mehndi design paired with lines never fails to be attractive. Another advantage is that it is suitable for both traditional and western outfits. If you are someone who is experimenting with Mehndi for the first time or want to apply mehndi to yourself, you should definitely try this design!

22. Bridal finger mehndi designs

For a complete bridal look, individuals often prefer a traditional or bharwa finger mehndi design. The above design is best suited for a bride who likes intricate designs that are complimented with bold lines. You would need a skilled designer to make the final design look neat and cohesive.

23. Latest finger mehndi design

A popular design among youngsters is the leaf-dominated finger mehndi design. In the design shown above, the leafy trail covered by dots is boxed within thin and bold lines giving it an enchanting and magical look. This one should definitely be done by a professional Mehndi artist to make sure the details are done uniformly and neatly.

24. Bharwa Mehndi design

For individuals who like intricate details and elaborate designs, this one is for you! You could extend the index finger mehndi design by adding an Arabic bel if you want to make the back of your hand look fuller, however, this design is complete in itself. Make sure you have a steady hand if you want to perfect this design!

25. Leafy trail finger mehndi design

 If you are someone who likes to stick to traditional elements of mehndi designs, then you should definitely try this one! Leaves are not only the most common element of mehndi designing, they are also the easiest element to make. They particularly look beautiful when done at the back hand

26. Moroccan finger mehndi designs

 This complex yet delicate finger mehndi design is perfect for those who like the Bharwa mehndi style. Moroccan designs are characterized by fine lines and intricate patterns. These designs need to be looked at closely to truly appreciate their intricacies and individual elements. Due to the pain-staking precision that goes into making them, it is recommended that you choose an experienced Mehndi designer to recreate these patterns for you!

27. Leafy Ring Finger Mehndi design

The above design creates a mesmerising look with its leafy trails that weave around the individual’s fingers. The thick lines add to the depth of the design by giving it the illusion of a vine wrapping around the finger. This is a simple finger Mehndi design that is a must try for beginners who are experimenting with Mehndi designs

28. Connected fingers mehndi design

If you are someone who is looking for a finger mehndi design that could replicate the look of a hand accessory, then this is a design you must try! To achieve this look first fill in two fingers with various elements like flowers, lines and swirls. Then connect the two designs by a series of dots that form a chain-like design. You could make a minimalistic finger mehndi design on the other fingers as shown above to create a complete look.

29. African designs

African mehndi finger designs are characterised by structured geometric patterns that are complicated by adequate negative spaces. These finger mehndi designs are for those individuals who like to fill their front hand with mehndi with easy and simple patterns.

30. Pinjaras Finger mehndi design

The most recent addition to Mehndi elements is Pinjaras (cages). While this mehndi design features the pinjaras in the back of the hand, the look is only made complete by the dotted extension of the pinjaras to the fingers. This is because, the fingers add more depth to the concept that the design is going for, thereby holding the entire design together.

31. Simple Arabic finger mehndi design

Indian women love adding a few floral elements to their mehndi designs. The royal finger mehndi design shown above, uses simple patterns that are repeated on each finger to give it a uniform and neat look. If you are someone who likes symmetry, then this design is perfect for you!

32. Using trails for finger mehndi design

 The above-finger mehndi design uses bold strokes in an elegant way to bring the viewers focus on the leafy Bel that adorns the back of the hand. This design is suitable for someone who likes minimal details and wants a modern design that is unique.

33. Elegant finger mehndi designs

Keep in mind that any good finger mehndi design has to compliment the remainder of the hand (back or front) well. Take the two designs shown above as an example; the design on the left has a more intricate finger mehndi design that compliments the mandala by using similar elements, such as the swirls. In contrast, the finger mehndi design on the right uses more negative space to complement the circular mandala that has more empty spaces.

34. Quarter Finger Mehndi Design

A quarter finger mehndi design, like the one shown above, is perfect for someone who likes continuity across all their fingers. The design uses simple elements to create a connected design that looks beautiful. This is a good choice for bridal mehndi and weddings. Plus, it goes with any outfit!

35. Mesh pattern finger mehndi design

The Mesh pattern finger mehndi design only looks good when it is done neatly. Any overlaps due to unsteady hands will ruin the whole look. This design is for someone who is not looking for too many details but wants to achieve the bharwa look.

36. Intricate and Complex designs

This design is for someone who is detail-oriented and appreciates the beauty of complex and intricate designs. This royal finger mehndi design comprises of artistic lines, placements, and extreme craftsmanship, as you can see by the small but well-defined elements.

37. Half finger mehndi designs

 This simple finger mehndi design is very easy to replicate! The key to this design is its bold and thin strokes that combine to create a captivating design. The half-finger design allows you to accessorise, thereby improving the overall look of the design, as shown above.

38. Modern finger Mehndi designs

Modern mehndi designs use a combination of traditional elements, solid blocks of colour, and large objects filled in with thin lines. This minimal royal finger mehndi design optimally uses negative spaces and bold bands to give it an effortless and elegant look. The delicate floral motifs are brought to the foreground because of the design.

39. Swirl Dominated finger mehndi pattern

If you are looking for a simple finger mehndi design to try at home, then this design is for you. Swirl patterns look enchanting and are very easy to replicate.

40. One finger Mehndi design

Many individuals look for a small design for the back hand. This simple finger mehndi design gives you a complete look even though you only apply mehndi to one finger! The key to this design is the placement of the concentric circles and florals.

41. A simple pattern

For those of you who are looking for something simple and elegant, you could try a thin leafy Bel. This royal finger mehndi design could be done on either the ring finger or the index finger. As seen above, the flowers add depth to the overall design and make it look complete.

42. Adding hearts to your finger mehndi design

Many brides today want to add hearts to their mehndi as representations of love for their husband-to-be. The best heart designs are those where the shape is incorporated into a larger design of leaves, swirls and other elements that complement it well.

43. A spacious finger mehndi design

Many individuals today choose not to apply any mehndi at their fingertips.  This brings the viewers’ attention to the centre of the palm and creates continuity in the overall design. As seen in the image above, the finger mehndi designs are used as an extension of the front hand mehndi. They have the important role of making the overall design look more spaced out.

44. Finger-focused designs and patterns

This royal finger mehndi design uses detailed patterns to grab the attention of onlookers and is complimented with a comparatively breathable palm design. This design is a good mixture of contemporary elements with more traditional Arabic and Paisley patterns. You should opt for this design if you are looking for something modern and fresh!

45. Filled in fingertips

The most famous element of finger mehndi designs is the filled-in fingertips. If you are looking for something traditional, then you should add this element to your overall look. This looks best with Bharwa designs that are detail-oriented.

46. Fingertip mehndi designs

The above finger mehndi design is another variation of the African design. You can use structured geometric patterns on your fingertips only to get a simple and gorgeous look.

47. Gorgeous Finger mehndi designs

Every occasion calls for a different and equally unique finger mehndi design, and this gorgeous design uses geometric elements in an artistic way. For those of you who are looking for inspiration, the above image is an example of how rearranging basic elements can create magical designs.

48. Half finger Bharwa mehndi design

If you are confused between a traditional or modern finger mehndi design, you should add both! A half-finger mehndi design utilises negative space to bring focus to the details of the rest of the design. The intricacies of the Bharwa design would require an experienced individual with a steady hand to make the design neat. However, the design itself uses essential elements that are easy to draw.

49. Colourful designs with sparkle

Today, you can find coloured mehndi or glitter that can make your finger mehndi designs look more wholesome and complete. This unique take on traditional mehndi designs is sure to make heads turn!

50. Intricate finger mehndi design

Sometimes, less is more. Combining elements like netted patterns, bold lines, leaves and negative spaces could give you an intricate and elegant pattern. You could also extend the design on the index finger by adding a traditional more if the design feels incomplete to you.

51. Butterfly motifs

Modern Arabic mehndi designs have started incorporating other natural elements like the butterfly motifs you see in this picture. If you are someone who wants to add a fun modern element to your traditional finger mehndi design, then you should definitely try this!

52. Attractive finger mehndi design

This design is sure to draw attention to your fingers! The floral pattern surrounded by the bold shade and lines adds a beautiful finish to the overall design. This design is perfect for someone who wants to experiment with stylish finger mehndi designs

53. Two finger Arabic mehndi design

You can combine the mesh pattern with various elements of Arabic finger mehndi design, like flowers and leaves to create an elegant and simple design. This design looks very stylish on the backhand and is easy for beginners to replicate.

54. Simple leafy mehndi design

If you are someone who is looking for a simple and subtle design, then this is something you can try! This royal finger mehndi design is easy to replicate and does not require much effort. Additionally, if you do not have much time to apply mehndi, you could opt for this design. The uniqueness of the finger mehndi design shown in the image is that the leaf veils are drawn on the edges of the finger, which is becoming a popular choice for younger individuals.

55. Unique finger mehndi designs

This stylish finger mehndi design uses floral and leaf patterns to create a cohesive design. If you are someone who likes elaborate designs, you could try this design.

56. Concept-centric finger mehndi designs

If you have chosen a concept for your front hand mehndi, it is crucial that your finger mehndi design reflects the concept in some way as well. This will ensure that the entire look is cohesive. In the above image, the finger mehndi design features flower pots because the central concept of the current design is freedom as depicted by a young woman dancing in her balcony.  

57. Peacock Finger mehndi

You could try making a peacock if you want to have fun with finger mehndi designs. Peacocks are a popular element of Indian mehndi designs because they represent good luck and fortune. However, they have always been a small part of a larger design. In a unique twist, you could make the Peacock the main attraction and overlap your fingers to create a magnificent spread of peacock feathers!

58. Rose Finger Design

Roses are a symbol of love and happiness. In finger mehndi designs, roses are becoming a popular element for brides as a representation of their love for their husband-to-be. However, this front finger mehndi design is suitable for any occasion and will match with both traditional and western outfits.

59. Alphabet Finger design

This stylish finger mehndi design is best suited on the backhand. You could include the initials of your loved ones or write their full name. If you want the name or initials to draw attention, you could use a meshwork design, as shown above. 

60. Ring finger mehndi design

This stylish ring finger mehndi design is perfect for your engagement ceremony. It is an easy design that uses swirls to draw attention to your ring and make the entire look magical!

61. Moroccan Finger Mehndi Design

This is a traditional Moroccan mehndi design that uses geometric shapes and negative space to create an elegant look. You could make this design on all five fingers or choose to make it on a few or a single finger.


Today, individuals are looking for new and innovative Mehndi designs that take inspiration from both traditional and modern styles and patterns. This gives Mehndi designers the space to experiment and push the limits of their art form in an exciting way. This article has identified 60+ royal finger mehndi designs to appeal to every taste; whether elaborate, intricate, simple or minimalistic. In this list, you will find a design for every occasion whether for a wedding, a festival, a birthday or a casual outing.

It is time for you to find a Mehndi design that is perfect for you! But remember to have fun, because Mehndi designing is about exploring, experimenting and connecting with our past!

Royal Finger Mehndi Design FAQs

What are some of the benefits of wearing mehndi on the hand?

Mehndi or Henna is known for its healing and spiritual properties. It is a powerful cooling agent and is a great way to heal the body and reduce excessive heat.

How long does Mehndi last on your hands?

A lot of variables need to be taken into consideration to predict the exact number. But having said that, mehndi lasts about 3-4 days and fades with each passing day. The ingredients used, the natural heating properties of the individual, and the after-care methods all play a role.

How to care for your hand mehndi?

Ensure to apply a staining aid like coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, or any other agent that will increase the warmth of the area, ensuring a darker stain. Once the henna is applied, treat it with sugar-lemon water or even coconut oil every couple of minutes to let the colour develop. Ensure to leave the mehndi on for a minimum of 3-5 hours to give the dyeing time to leave a dark and beautiful stain.

What are the ingredients that go into making the henna dye?

Mehndi is made from the leaves of the henna plant and mixed with sugar and oils to produce a dark stain upon application. Make sure to check-in with your designer about the ingredients used to avoid any mishaps.

How long is the application process?

The application time varies from designer to designer and from one pattern to the other. But ideally, for a simple and minimal look it would take anywhere between 15 mins to 1 hour, and for more complex and intricate looks it might take 2-4 hours.

What age groups can wear mehndi on the hand?

Mehndi is ideally safe for all age groups regardless of whether it’s your first time or not. But, in order to be on the safer side, make sure you do a patch test to rule out a possibility of an allergic reaction to either the actual henna itself or the ingredients being used.

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